Petitioning not to update PS4 to 1.08


Hello Gems of war crew, i want to beg you not to update PS4 to 1.08 after having read how horrible the game has become on mobile and pc.

Right now the game is overseeable and thats an important aspect, if this 1.08 would hit it would have a number of very negative impacts namely; It caters only to endgame ruining the game for anyone that isnt settled with 32985742398572893579823 gems keys etc. You no longer have any chance to get any sort of proper card without paying, and ive read plenty of stories about cards having 50+ hp, come on man… that is of no use whatsoever to this game, it is fine as it is in the version on ps4 right now. I really dont want games to become a giant drag of wilting down 50 goddamn hp on just a single card and if thats only countered by grinding up a card to deal 50 damage a hit then that only increases necessary grinding, not gameplay’ to compete.

I dont care about your buisiness model, if that comes off blunt then so be it. Im sure youre making enough money but this grind increasing incentive to pay to win nonsense has to stop in the gaming world because you WILL lose playerbase over such things, i can asure you ill be one of the quitters the moment you decide to bring that travesty of a patch to Ps4.

And for the record i was almost inclined to make purchases but reading all about that patch have turned me around 100%.

If the community turns against me on this subject thats fine by me too, then you deserve eachother.


What you are seeing is us on Moblie getting hit by being the early adopters. The forum is vocal, because we love the game. We love the game enough, that if we find something unbalanced or buggy that will frustrate the general players, we beat the issue to death on here. This gives the development team the ability to see the issue, research it, and find if is a real problem.

1.0.8 is a massive injection of new content. With such a major system, there will be problems. There are some balance problems with abilities, which will see adjustment. In my opinion, the new content was expected to be a journey for us to unlock over time, yet we have some very dedicated players. These players have been dreaming about this patch for months, so on release, they have played way more matches than I think was expected.

I guess my advice is to enjoy the game it exists at the moment. Watch the adjustments they make to balance 1.0.8 to being more fun, and go from there. Every major content patch I’ve seen on this game has had something out of wack at the start, but gotten tuned. The game remains very fun, with a few matches you just want to skip.


Agree with everything. Also the way it is right now, PC/Mobile is like the experimentation room, consoles will be probably getting a improved version of 1.0.8. Also as a long time player myself, I can’t really see the problems from the low level perspective but on consoles it still is a new game and the problem we are having on PC/Mobiles shouldnt affect you.


As a mobile and ps4 player I can understand the grievances expressed here. I am not a longtime player on mobile but love what both versions have to offer. Considering that the consoles are about a year behind mobile as far as content is concerned I’m eagerly anticipating when it catches up though I would not wish the current state of mobile on the console until things are balanced better.



I understand what you’re saying but its no less than obvious that the direction of this new content is negative for any but the endgame players who appear to be bored with the old version (?), regardless things like true damage and maxing out of stats on every card literally annulates the whole concept of a cardgame and makes it into a pointless grindfest that i for one have no interest to partake in. When strategy is removed what is the point.


I agree with replies alread posted. Things will be changed over time they will not just let it go. My only point to your opening post is how much of an extreme overreaction is.


+1 to @DeadPool , especially for someone who hasn’t even played it.


Everyone is entitled for his/her own opinion, im not going to nuance my opinion of the direction of the 1.08 patch, i have already explained why.


I still can’t believe your extreme reaction about something you haven’t even played. I play on X1 am I’m at 70. I recently started playing on my tablet level 19 maybe. I have not ran into into anything game braking. And even if I did I have the understanding that it will probably be corrected.


I wouldnt it call just ‘some’ balancing problems. I think it has balancing problems all around. Some traits are too powerful. Damaging skills grow much less powerful. Goblin, Skeleton and Rockworm teams are running wild thus as a result most of PVP battles are against similar teams over and pver again. Hero is useless (yes will be adressed in next patch but still). You get lesser rewards in the arena so fighting in PvP becomes a much better option. Treasure hunts dont really offer much to higher level players. Gems gain have dropped in a hopes that players will max out kingdoms levels but it require a lot of investment - gold, souls and trait-stones… I think balancing issues are pretty big.


Mostly true… so lots of work needed… which the devs will get through… lots of things in the current game for balance, variety, grinding etc, that I am not happy about but I’m sure it’ll get worked through and sorted out…

Agree with the feeling that the OP is hasty…


There isn’t THAT many goblin or skeleton teams, and I have not seen rockworm teams for a while now. Undead slayer eats up Skeles. Shadow hunter eats goblins.

Maybe less gems from tribute, but now you spend glory on opening chests now which have the same same loot as gem chests. And you get glory for attacking/defending PvP so it ends up being better in my opinion.


After everyone found that mono worms split into true shot,goblins, worms, and dragons people learned that judging a book by it’s cover was not the best idea as people thought bonuses gave goblins an advantage. Then worms ate the goblins and then were burned by the dragons. The dragons thinking they were the best were taken by a single arrow from someone who was sure of their shot. All that was left was skeletons who had nothing better to do but be crushed underfoot of the goblins. What i am trying to say is the meta is not even a month old and there has been 4 different teams that have come and gone as people continue to test traits teams. By the time all traits have been tested the game will seem more balanced by the community without the interjection of the game creators. There is a reason no one attacks me when i have my worm team on defense. Also most of the complaints are from top players who did not have as much content to play. They are playing pvp and being thrown right into the middle of the deep end with the new system but if you are a lower level you don’t have as much to fear from the update. <100 is basically the butter zone where you can gain traits without having to worry about them from the ai. By the time you get the update hopefully all the bugs and complaints will be a distant memory.


Let me start of by saying I’m a fellow ps4 player but I picked this up on the app shortly after to see the differences. If I were in the same place I’d probably say the same thing but I’ve experienced it so let me shed some light on it for you.

First thing I’ll say is if you look back you will see the same sort of complaining everytime a patch comes out. It’s the nature of people to complain when change happens even if it’s for the better. I once worked a job with a commission structure that was additional. Thanks to the outstanding sales of one person the commission structure was changed to match a sales office structure which was sales only. We kept our base pay but worst case scenario our sales were equal to what they were before but across the board it was going to improve. Despite this most people freaked out because it was different. If the game stayed at the current update or even progressed to a full 1.07 on the console we would still have a myriad of problems and we’d be stuck in this zone because it’s unrealistic for the dev’s who are busy as it is to essentially design for two totally different formats. There are a handful of people with prismatic orbs but as more get it you’ll encounter things like 3 brian the lucky 1 orb teams where they boost the magic so high that it causes a refill on the orb and resets the entire board. It will be an endless turn loop. You’ll see similar with webspinner and venoxia and you’ll run into some nasty other teams that get fixed in the current patch. You haven’t encountered some of this because the game is still relatively new but trust me the high end level 150+ I see nothing but webspinner/venoxia/shadow dragon/jarl/gloomlead with the odd mix of 3 or 4 celestasia and rare silent one.

Now I started on the app at the end of 1.07 so I got a few weeks in at most. I find there are some nice things about it that aren’t there for the existing people. I get a ton of trait stones just playing through the quests and challenges. I will say it’s more of a struggle than the ps4 because tasks on ps4 are a source for tons of free gems once you figure out what the task actually means since they often aren’t set up properly.

Not true. The gold keys allow you to get a lot of common/rare cards for pretty cheap and those turn into equal and often better than the legendary cards once you get them up to ultra rare epic or higher and it’s not terribly difficult to do that. It’s easy to get enough cards to at least ultra rare most commons from a good guild on ps4 even with an average one if you put in a fair amount of time you’ll have plenty to go with. Glory keys are pretty easy to get with your typical weekly play assuming you strive for 1st ranking to get your extra glory in. Gem keys are a bit harder to come by but with the upgrade to common stats trhough ascension it only really matters if you’re a collector. The one knock I’d say is traitstones and extra stuff in the chest sting for newer players. I would personally like to see a split of chests so you have ones that are specifc to trait stones or maybe a group of chests that are under new system and a group under old system for older players or existing to pad their card totals and ascend. I have notice a pretty decent amount of legendary from gem keys I’ve purchased through guild or actual money. I think it’s pretty close to old numbers. On ps4 I tended to get 1 legendary every 15-20 keys and I’m getting pretty close on the app.

The 50 hp horror stories aren’t going to apply to you unless you’re end game. Those are primarily the result of the kingdom system changes/bonus system changes in the 1.07 full patch. You will get a lot of extra stats from universal kingdom bonus and right now the only people who are leveling kingdoms that high are the high end players, for the most part, that get tons of free resources being in a top guild. I am one of the highest players in one of the most active clans ranked in the top 10 and I have 3 kingdoms maxed with ony 3 possible and I have one at 7 almost 8. The rest are around level 2 or 3 with a few scattered 5’s. The only thing you get from 1.08 is +5 for ascension and +5 for levels for the commons. The thing you will miss out on if we don’t get 1.08 is the unique troop clause for bonus so you’ll see the 2 goblin, goblin shaman, boar rider teams having better stats. Instead of 50 hp they’ll have 40 hp. Not much different except you won’t have a chance to build some killer traits that will even things out for you.

In the end I like 1.08 more than the current version. Traits add so much to the game and it’s very enjoyable. Of course I may just love my green slime on the app.

Would that it were true… Well despite having updates to fix balance to the app the pushes to the console thus far include things that later get fixed. I think both are experiments for the other. The console have tasks which are very interesting and an amazing source of free everything. I suspect this is a test to see if it’ll work on the pc/app. The arena was changed so that you also pick an epic to legendary weapon along with your troops. Great for players new to the game but sucks for me when I have summers fury, war and peace and soon a cauldron and prismatic orb. Especially bad because you pick before you pick troops. Could end up with a terrible selection of troops for mana diversity.


When will this update happen on consoles anyway ??? I’m still waiting for darkstone and Grosh-nak to happen on my ps4


I see a huge amount of wishful thinking here. What experience supports that the things will be sorted out? Even the lazy transition going levels 10->15 is still in the system as is and the few changes to select troops happened how many months after intro?

The whole last year shows that the devs are happy to go to new green territories but any accumulated debt from the past is just left there. Unless it goes explosive, then fome firefighting accours with result that about everyone calls “massive overnerf”. That is not what I’d call “Addressing” problems in any good way.

Look even at history of simple problems like skull damage. We had the bug that just nuked the whole team. For how much time? Was that time used for a good root cause fix? No, just a minor tweak that resulted massive overnerfing the skull generator effects, preserving the extreme price tag on KoS and Sheggra.

Then the situation got better due to other environment changing things like doubling/tripling the attack power on troops. But the root problem is still there biting our asses, just look at the interactions with agile and similar traits.

The “stop and fix” method from the Toyota Way is definitely not practiced here. What hardly singles out the company, still we from outside should not turn a blind eye. And help in sweeping stuff under the carpet.

How about predicting those will be fixeds AFTER we see a solid history of its happening.

More eggs are broken in making that omelet but the eggshell is left in the mix.

And the big picture is worse even, the game got apparently steered into farming mode steamrolling challenge teams with 2x that big guys hundreds of time.

I can feel with the OP to want to skip over this chunk and catch up only in the fixed, sensible state.

(The realistic view is certainly that this petition will be ignored, regardless if it makes sense or not; it’s weird enough to see the split state, I’m sure all platforms will get on the same version as soon as it is technically possible, not a moment later. And someone’s backside gets flamed every day until that.)


Doing my best to write a response that doesn’t come across as personal or insulting, so sorry if it does… But wow, what a saddening stream of negativity, bitterness and cynicism… Not to say contempt for the development team… I’ve been pleased with how much the devs respond to feedback and (gradually) fix/balance things in the game… wishful thinking? Doesn’t feel that way to me… Yes I’d like things done differently and/or faster, but happy that it’s heading in the right direction… And it’s still the most fun app to play that I have, being a long-time fan of the PQ series…


You mean the bug correction? Yeah, that was not a nerf, that was a fix.


LOL. I can understand why it’s easy to take that way, meanwhile it’s nothing like that, just the ugly truth. The blue pill is certainly more popular.

Yeah, the devs talk and listen alright, talk is certainly controlled by the policy (i.e in 99.9% of the places it’s strictly forbidden for the reps to agree with what I said recently regardless what they think). But then follow the priority list. and that is set by PTB who may not be the same as the folks here, and may percieve the best direction quite differently than players. Not as if “players” would have a single mind on things as we see here :).

wishful thinking? Doesn’t feel that way to me…

Of course it doesn’t, that is part of the this common mental fallacy.

Yes I’d like things done differently and/or faster, but happy that it’s heading in the right direction…

Really that is the root of disagreement, some people like the direction, others do not. Some would like a strategy game others a spending/collection device. I told many times that the game makes good service for the latter group and will continue to do so – and will reshape its client base accordingly. That’s okay.

And it’s still the most fun app to play that I have, being a long-time fan of the PQ series…

So enjoy :slightly_smiling:


Er, no, it’s your perception of things with your mental filters and beliefs at work… I understand this ‘truth’ differently and feel differently about it…

Don’t get me wrong - I can agree with much of your logic and we seem to agree on many changes being suggested - but my emotional reactions here are different…