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(1.08) A good game become pay to win


Huge disappointment, the latest update adds many news too long to get for a regular player.
There are a lot of good ideas. But the friendliness of the game disappeared.

In fact the legendary teams are even more powerful than before if we have lvl 19 team, and some card like Shadow Hunter are just hell.

Play became intensive farm, or pay to build a team, up kingdom, buy skins, have VIP etc.
Not fair for a “relaxing game”!

Sorry for my english, Iam from Belgium.


Grosse déception, la dernière mise à jour ajoute beaucoup de nouveautés trop longue à obtenir pour un joueur lambda. Il y’a pleins de bonnes idées. Mais la convivialité du jeu a presque disparue.

En fait les équipes légendaires sont encore plus puissantes qu’avant si elles sont lvl 19. Et quelques cartes comme le Shadow Hunter sont devenues infernales.

C’est devenu du farm intensif, ou payer pour construire une équipe, monter les royaumes, acheter les skins de cartes, avoir le VIP, etc
Pas très cool pour un jeu genre puzzle.

Your english is fine. The problem you are facing is one that the pc version went through. your update was just .5 less than ours so there is going to be some problems and you are just now noticing what pc users have been dealing with for a long time. your teams should probable search for the easiest challanges to farm traitstones and gold. not sure if gold to fight has been removed for you guys yet but a gold farming team or a soul grinding team. Most of the higher guilds on pc contain players who grind the ever love stuff out of this game. Just hang in there try to get a good team that you can use easily that is strong enough to easily beat challenges. Things ill be hard for you but just hang in there until things cool down cause the fun is knowing that you need pay for nothing but get everything.

If you’re saying that, it just means you haven’t played this game long enough to make the accurate observations. Most of gem-buyers in this game do so only to get their Armor. Beyond that, if you do your math, you will know that the gem-to-key or the gem-to-gold value ratio is horrible, which I think was purposely designed this way to discourage the exact situation you’re talking about.

ALSO, there are features built into this game that can replace everything gems can do. Arena now gives amazing Soul reward, even more so with the proper Armor on. PVP is a great source for Gold for those willing to farm for it (also helps with a good suit on). As for Glory… will… you can’t even buy those even if you’re willing to pay cash.

Gem and Key-wise, if you’re in an active guild where everyone contributes, you will find they are VERY easy to rack up through guild Tasks. My guild is current Ranked 57 on the PC/Mobile server, and on avg I would say we can easily produce 200+ gems and 300+ Glory Keys for everyone on a weekly basis.

So the workarounds are there. You just have to find it. As for the money part, well… they ARE a company, and they have to have income to keep the game maintained. So you can’t blame them for it. Compare to some of the other games out there, the GoW devs are really tuning it down in comparison.

I paid $5 for the Obsidian Armor and nothing more, been playing since the second week Consoles have had this game.

After this Update and the end of this day, I have;

  • Every Troop from the first 17 Kingdoms
  • Every Troop is Ascended up to at least Epic, with the majority of them Legendary+
  • Still no desire (or need) to buy Gems

This game just got a whole lot bigger, I’d suggest giving it a few days to sink in, level your Troops and adjust to the changes.


Also, not everyone you meet in PVP are pay-to-win-ers. Just because someone has an all-legendary lineup doesn’t means they paid cash for it. In fact, anyone over Level 300 should probably be able to produce an all-star team without having to pay at all. Levels and Experiences are also non-purchasable in this game; they are a sign of dedication. So cut us a break. Stick around longer, you’ll get there eventually.


only thing I seen have to pay for is the new armor, but most isn’t and able to get through game. can be a bit of a grind but doable.

don’t have to have the new armor either to feel like a winner

Not only is the rate of gems to chest pretty bad, but so is the loot chance (for what you are trying to get anyway). The best way to win this game is to play it and the best currency to accelerate your position and progress is time.

Joining an active guild is also critical.


Thanks for your comments, Iam lvl 201, and play 1 hours per day, but for fun. And my guild is on top 50.

Yes me too I have every troop and every Kingdoms…

Sorry but compare to others Free to play, we cant sell, exchange, talk to guild, add friend, and more and more…

Its just a puzzle game, not a MMORPG…

Chat feature is currently implemented in the 1.09 patch.
Friend feature has been confirmed to be in the work.
As for Sell/Exchange… well… no indications at all thus far.

sell/exchange may do more harm than good. My 2 cents. but many of the other feature are in the works and hopefully see soon


  • Consoles didn’t get Chat this Update :frowning:
  • Selling/Exchanging is very easy to exploit (make multiple accounts, give everything good to one account)
  • Talking to Guild/Friends is possible, just add Guildmates as Friends. On PS4 you can even create a Community like my Guild has. Very easy to communicate there, plus we have these Forums.

From the conversations involving the Devs they seem to view sell/exchange as the end of days/fire and brimstone for their economy.

Hopefully we get some sort of crafting to allow for some Traitstone flexibility

crafting I think is a great idea. maybe can craft those ever elusive arcane stones :slight_smile:

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If you are in an active guild, you realize you don’t get much for money spent.

As one person, but you are theoretically only contributing 1/30th of the total amount.

So 36,000 for 12 Glory Keys sounds bad, but 1,200 (1/30th of 36k) for those same Keys is a steal! Plus doing Guild Tasks isn’t just for your personal glory, you help achieve insanely high Masteries that the whole Guild benefits from. It’s a Team-based feature.

For example, in my Guild, I contribute on average 100,000 Gold a day but we rotate dozens of Tasks with several million Gold being contributed.

Yes, all of this. Plus after your kingdoms are at ten there is not much to do with gold that makes it so valuable. With the exception of guild tasks and gold chest there really is no other use.

had over 8000 Keys after Update you just need a good Guild ( 26xx Ironkeys before Update) I get 100+ Gems and 100-200 Keys every Day only from Guildquests.

You don’t need to pay for anything in this game.
Considering armours too, you are able to farm gems even if not in a very active guild.
That’s great for players, probably less great for the game owner.

I’m now considering to make a few purchases just to support the dev team, but the gain in the game from an active player point of view is simply none.
I sincerely would like to see some more appealing way for Gow to get money, keeping the game fair as it is now (a thing very hard to design), because this will help the game to live longer and more prosperously.

This would actually be a good reason to make a Gem/Bundle purchase, best casual game I’ve played in years.

Although I’m a developer on the console side, I spent $10 on the PC side, just to get VIP level 2. That 15 gems for 15 days for $5 bundle is GREAT if you’re not impatient.

And with almost 1000 hours played, I think I’ve squeezed $10 worth out of this game. :wink: