1.0.9 Sneak Peek - Barrier

Originally published at: 1.0.9 Sneak Peek – Barrier – Gems of War
Curious about some more upcoming 1.0.9 features for Mobile/PC? Then read on…

New Status Effect: Barrier


Please note, this is not an actual preview for the 1.0.9 Mobile/PC update. We typically release those 1-2 weeks before the update goes live. We just have some exciting “little” additions for 1.0.9 that we are excited to share with you earlier than usual, and “Sneak Peeks” are a great way to do that!

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I like this new addition… The Dryad might become one of my favourites now. I already thought her rework made her really cool, but that add-on is very nice. :slightly_smiling:

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ooo hero traits!

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[Dryad Spell] “tehm”

I love it! An actual positive status effect! Though now I’m curious if this’ll end up like Agility and calculate every multi-skull match into one singular hit, therefore negating everything and causing errors. Or if it will just negate a single match and the rest still hit.

My money’s on the former but without the errors. Crossing my fingers for no errors!


10 points to Gryffindor!

Fun Fact: Devouring a troop with Barrier, will pass the Barrier along.


Shouldn’t barrier prevent your troop from getting devored instead?


Another way to make fights take longer that will rarely-if-ever impact the outcome of a round.


edit: However, if this will allow a character to withstand a single sheggra/bone dragon skullspam, I will eat my words with a side of crow, garnished with a nice hat.

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so what if an enemy has it you devour them? will it block or will it pass barrier?

As far as I can tell, its only good for damage… so devour would still work. I assumed the damage would come first and dispel the barrier though.

Oh boy. Barrier troops with any kind of summoner. The stall continues.

Oh, and Alistair is Red/Blue now?

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Can’t quite remember, but I believe devour doesn’t do any damage, I think the RNG is made first and depending on result is either damage or devour the enemie troop, not both.

Also, I hope this doesn’t get like a rude comment but this kind of status effect seems interesting and fun but pretty useless for invade as you want faster teams for it, and until the AI is improved for defenses, I can already see third and fourth slot troops being shielded instead of the barely alive-being hit first slot troop.

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Will there also be a ‘Start with a barrier’ trait for some troops?

Anyone else notice the HERO pic had TRAIT FLAGS ?


It was the second comment! XD And I’m a little more excited about that. Right now the Hero feels so underwhelming. With traits I hope hes getting again to my starting line-up!!!


Ya i forget where i read it , a developer stated the hero card would be getting s8me love this update.

Cool new effect… Yes am interested to see how it deals with a Bone Dragon filling the screen with skulls… by my logic all the skull damage is dealt at once so it should block all of it and sac the Barrier shield… but it might interact differently if the skulls create any non-adjoining matches…


Be interesting to see how it deals with armor shred. My guess is that it won’t…

Yes, it stops a single board’s worth of damage… so if you need to protect against an imminent Bone Dragoning, it is your friend.

It doesn’t stop armor shred, only damage dealt. So a Grave Knight for example would successfully shred your armor, but then the barrier would be popped by his damage.


That’s what I figured. Well. Good to know that’s a thing we can use for Bone Dragon… I suspect everyone will have it.

I mean, that doesn’t mean Bone Dragon can’t go to a 5:1 ratio. Because it can.

And 16 mana cost, to line up with Sheggers and Keeper, when it is strictly better than both already!