1.0.9 Sneak Peek- Frozen


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Curious about some upcoming 1.0.9 features for Mobile/PC? Then read on…

New Status Effect: Frozen


Please note, this is not an actual preview for the 1.0.9 Mobile/PC update. We typically release those 1-2 weeks before the update goes live. We just have some exciting “little” additions for 1.0.9 that we are excited to share with you earlier than usual, and “Sneak Peeks” are a great way to do that!

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The problem with FROZEN status

So naturally meaning from 4 or 5 matches? Does that affect the whole team if only one troop is frozen? Or only if the frozen troop is in the top slot?


This is like the idea I gave you a while ago! :'D


Will 1.0.9 address the 20 task guild problem?


Yes. We did mention that in the post.


Well here’s the new overpowered status effect you all wanted!


This is very interesting! Will drastically shake up the meta!


When you say “either naturally or with a spell” is that referring to the ‘extra turn’ or the ‘cleanse’?

For example

do you mean that the player cannot get extra turns naturally (i.e. a 4 or 5 gem match)


do you mean you can’t get extra turns until it is cleansed by a spell or the frozen status effect naturally thaws after a number of turns.


That means you can’t get an extra turn until the Frozen effect is cleansed. It can be cleansed with a spell (e.g. Herdmaster or Priestess). Or it can naturally cleanse with the 10% cumulative chance per turn.


Does that include match 4+, or just from “Take another turn” effects (i.e. goblins skeletons etc)


All of 'em.
Provides some interesting tactical choices about 4-of-a-kind when you’re frozen. Do you take it? Or do you take another match and try to mess up the 4-of-a-kind for the enemy.


The only problem I see with this is the trait of frozen. If matching a skull pair causes frozen, having 1-2 lead troops that can freeze with skulls will perma lock the opponent from ever using the board efficiently. While this will mainly nerf extra turn troops and skull spawners, any gem spawner, exploder, and juggler will become much weaker, of which are already quite weak in comparison to alternatives.

Of course, the counter is always frozen immunity. Since few or no troops will be getting a specific freeze immunity, that will just leave troops with full immunity dominating use in teams. The only problem that coincides with that is all 4 troops would need immunity, for many troops that can freeze with skulls likely can freeze with their cast.


While it would make sense that fiery troops, like Salamander and Jarl, would have a trait that makes them immune to being frozen, unless a larger shakeup of traits than I’m expecting happens, they’ll never get it, which is kind of sad. New troops might have something similar, but like you said - how many will there be?


Where did ‘freezing with skulls’ come from? As I read the cards, it only occurs when those troops (Ice Witch/Frost Giant) cast their spell.

Issue I see is that Herdmaster has a trait that incentivises putting him first, but if he’s there as insurance against ‘Team Freeze’, then you’ll want to protect him from skull attacks.


actually I think only 3 troops can “frozen” with their spells:
Berserker - Frost Giant - Ice Witch

As we can see in the picture, the effect “frozen” is in the spell

But just a question, a burned troop can be “frozen” ?? :sweat_smile:


From the above image:
"[…] rework to include Frozen in their Spells & Traits."


and the reverse, when you burn enemy, does it cancel the frozen state?


Ah, ok. I was just looking at the images of both troops, and the only change is on the spell description - the traits for these two troops appears to remain the same.

If Frozen is a ‘trait’ for other (not shown) troops, then that would seem OP to immediately freeze the opposition on starting a match. It will be in every defence team before long. It almost means that every invading team would need to have a fully-mana’d caster which can cleanse immediately (and even then you would still miss an initial 4-5 gem match opportunity).


Currently they don’t cancel out, but it’s an interesting idea we might explore!


Regarding traits & frozen… it’s only on a single troop as a trait right now, and only then reflecting back if they are hit. We’re still testing this though, so things may change.