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0-0 PVP Notification

I mean, why even bother me with this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, classic!

I don’t think this is a bug. It happens if you have not-looted defense (victories/losses) rewards from PREVIOUS week (reset).

my guess would be, they implemented it (the reset of those un-looted battles), to fix getting the pvp tier rewards at the start of the week, as having unlooted pvp battles was the requirement for the bug to occur.

So next week make sure you loot your pvp right before the reset, and you won’t be missing out on anything :wink:

e/ if it actually happened after you’ve already played some games this week, I have no idea what’s up. I’ve had this 0/0 screen happen when mentioned above conditions were met.

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Oh I think that’s right actually… trying to remember if I saw this before. Might have.

Yes this is a bug (an old one). If you play on Sunday, you are eligible to be invaded as soon as the new event starts on Monday. If someone does invade you before your first login of the new event, and thus before your stats are reset, the result won’t count on your new event stats, but you’ll still get the (!) notice you had to defend against somebody. You can see who it was in your battle log. I don’t think it adjusts your points for these battles either, even though the log says it does.

I always play on Sunday evening, and I’m sound asleep when the new event begins (midnight my time), so I see this bug Every. Single. Week.

as bugs go this is a minor mini one …