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PVP notification is empty (0-0) [Obviously no rewards, either]

The notification flashes (urgently!) in the corner, but when you click on it, nothing happened.

Within 24 hours of weekly reset it’s basically impossible that 0 people have attacked me.
I mean, in addition to the fact that something triggered the notification, which proves that they did.

(Or that the notification algorithm doesn’t work.)

Of course since it was 0-0 I didn’t get any rewards, either.

I have this happen to me often, I rarely will play PvP, but seems that a few days after the last time I played PvP, I will get this type of message for a couple days, then seems it goes away for awhile.

I’ve had that happen with my cell phone (LIstintira) account. I’m thinking there was an invasion, but it’s lapsed. I’m speculating here.

Do you get it other days than the reset day?

I always figured someone had attacked me before the reset, and then the event ends, and the new event shows 0-0.

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At least you guys can play PvP. I can’t even get in

I’ve had this happen on a Tuesday, but that’s the latest in the week I can recall. Mostly it happens on Monday, though it’s worth noting I don’t play on Mondays until much later in the day (generally).

Same here.

This just happened to me this morning, right after daily reset it seems

It is most likely because somebody invaded you before reset but you didn’t login until after. It happens to me every week because I do a ton of PVP about 12 hours before reset and then go to bed.

I had played yesterday after the reset, and had no notification. Earned 500+ Event Gems

However, I have not played PvP in about a week now.

this happens to me every time if i leave some uncollected defense wins/looses from last week into the new week

basically new week resets score but forgets to remove the ‘new defense!’ mark - or so i am guessing

it would be nice to actually still get that defense rewards from last x hours of old week…

It may be from this (although Nimhain posted it 13 hours ago and the thread here was started a day ago).

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This happened again to me today. I have not touched PvP in over a week.

##PvP notification is empty (0-0)

Since this “feature” has been present after each weekly reset and has persisted in the last 4 updates, I presume this is deliberate.

I suspect it’s so that if you get attacked prior to your first visit of the week, you won’t login and find that your Tier Ranking is far far below 580.

Given that you lose at least 5 tier points per defeat, if these pre-login defeats weren’t nullified, certain hardcore players might otherwise find they’d have to do numerous PvP games just to reach Tier 14.