Zwiezda scribbles

Inspired by well known @Lyya art thread I thought I could start my own for my works too ^^ Because… why not? :smiley:

I am hobbyist self thought artist and I scribble since I remember. Maybe some of you might like what I create~~
I’ll show you some of my recent and scrapped works that I might finish someday (or not)

If anybody is interested in seeing rest of my works, I upload them regurarly on my deviantArt and furaffinity profiles. Check them out! :3

Fanart of Mercy (Overwatch) [WIP]

Zwiezda - well yeah, that’s her name and she is my dragon character

Fanart of Skye (Paladins) as a panther~~ [WIP]


I really like your dragon character. The color scheme really pops.

thank you ^^

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Nice art! :smiley:

Great to see another furry around. :3

And more like “scalie” xP

Well, he is quire fluffy.

Dragon, but all fur and feathers.

Haha true that :smiley: Dragons comes in all shapes and … coats? xd

Love the color choices, especially on the panther! Keep it up.

Actually colours are based on the original character’s design, but non the less, thanks! :smiley:

I did a cowboy foxy boy for my friend :slight_smile: