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Artist(s) names?

Hi there :slight_smile: Was wondering if anyone knew the names of the artist(s) who did the art for this game. I’d like to see more of their work.

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Thank you for reminding me that I was going to ask that cause my husband asked me the very same question last night.

He wants to know who the artist(s) that drew Amira and Wayfinder specifically.

I love the dragons and some of the other card art too…

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You should ask on Reddit, this forum is dead.

(Kidding, I saw your post on reddit with the exact same post saying to come here, :P)


Most games developers outsource the art to freelance studios, often in Asia I think… have you checked the game credits? It probably doesn’t give much away as the developers take title to the art usually, but could be worth a look…

Credits mention a Concept Art House and a few names as well as the line “…and many other talented artists”.

Yeah, I figured it would be something like that, but I was just hoping maybe I could track down a name or two. Ah well, it’s great art, I really enjoy it, just wanted to see if I could support the artists in other ways.

Our Art Director on the project is Rhiannon Bolton, often known simply by her middle name “Ashalind”. You’ll no doubt find some of her work pretty easily via Google, especially because she’s worked on most of our games in the last decade. Gems is her first gig as Art Director, and I think she’s pretty much nailed the Art Direction thing!


I love the art, well most of it! Winged bison and naga queen aside. Lol
I especially like flesh golem, shadow dragon, Jarl, infernal king, treant… The list goes on.

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I’ll go look up her work. Tell her we all love the art!


She’s amazing and I love her green dragon. Oh my goodness. She does awesome work.

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I love the art.

Except for two troops:

  • Reaver - er, sorry, rubbish
  • Bastite Priestess - too cartoony - did Disney take over while you were away?

Does her family crest look anything like this?