Zuul, Great Maw, Glutmaw, etc. get no benefits from first medal

Assassin troop types get + bonuses only to magic as you upgrade their first medal. But several troops (Zuul, The Great Maw, Glutmaw, Gluttony, Gorbil) get no benefit from increasing magic. This is such a waste. Could we either get them another troop type or alter the bonuses for Assassins or something?

I’d love it if Zuul’Goth was a Warmaster over Assassin, classified due to its skull creation. The 6 life, 6 armor, and 6 attack would do it more benefits than 4 attack and 4 magic. Besides, I don’t see Zuul’Goth as a cloak and dagger type.


Many troops don’t benefit at all from medals like Tesla. Ridiculous.


Yea, he’s so loud when bringing the apocalypse. Can’t even silence himself.

For most troops, the medal bonuses were seemingly assigned to give them the least benefit of doing so.

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