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Medaling Tesla is pointless

I’m not sure if this has been discussed, but didn’t see it show up in recent topics. Tesla is considered a Mage troop, which means that each elite level only increases her magic. But Tesla deals fixed damage, i.e. extra magic does absolutely nothing for her. While I’m happy that this means I have one less troop to medal, medaling her (or any troop) should actually affect the troop in some way.

I’m not asking for a rework of her spell, bonuses, etc. And while Mage does make the most sense out of the available troop types, I’m curious if Tesla was deemed “overpowered” to the point that elite levels do nothing.

Again, this is the first troop I encountered with this issue, which was brought up by a guildmate. I’m sure there are other troops that suffer from the same problem.


I think you will find that many if not most troops don’t really benefit from their medal boost. That may well be intentional because if mage/magic troops suddenly became even more ‘magical’ the resultant damage would unbalance the game yet further. Those who can spend significant game time in explore would have a significant advantage over competitive players with much less time or inclination to grind. I think that’s reasonable. Medals are mainly an achievement carrot.


As mentioned, I’m not asking for a damage boost or anything like that. Gobtruffle, for example, doesn’t boost damage but does increase survivability by adding to the other stats. Mage is the only troop type that boosts only one stat. And that’s fine, except that there are only 2 troops in the whole game (just verified) that get absolutely no benefit from medals: Tesla and Sylph. While 2 troops out of 894 is a pretty good track record, and while medaling troops is, as you said, “an achievement carrot”, it should do something.

It appears that the current equivalence for elite levels is 1 Magic = 2 attack = 4 (Armor + Life). In other words, you get:

  • 4 points spread over Bronze,
  • 8 points spread over Silver,
  • 12 points spread over Gold

With Mage, Gold tier could easily be changed to +2 Magic (instead of +3) and +1 to every other stat. +1 won’t unbalance the game in any way. And it would solve the issue where medaling these only 2 troops in the game that gets absolutely no benefit from elite levels.

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Any troop that doesn’t use Magic in its ability, but gains Magic through its Medals (because of its role), doesn’t benefit. See Zuul’Goth, which doesn’t benefit at all from Magic (kill an enemy, burn/freeze remaining, create 12 skulls, a fixed amount). Medaling him gives him 4 Attack and 4 Magic.

However, this is a very small number of troops that fall under this category. Sort troops by Mage and try to find all the troops that don’t benefit from Magic. The list is incredibly short. Hint: it’s only Tesla.

Similarly, the list of Assassins that don’t benefit from Magic is also incredibly short. Zuul’Goth and The Great Maw.

Maybe this clears things up:

  • I’m not talking about troops that don’t benefit from magic.
  • I’m not talking about equipping medals of Nysha.
  • I’m not asking Mage troops to do more damage.
  • I’m not saying that each elite level NEEDS to benefit EVERY troop

What I am talking about is that there are currently 2 troops in the entire game that gain absolutely no benefit from Elite Levels: Tesla and Sylph. The benefit doesn’t need to impact their damage or their ability in any way. But it should do something, even if it’s just a +1 to Life.


Medals could have been an excellent way to address problems with non event delving success chance as a by product of the carrot. But it seems that in most cases the resultant medal boost is lack lustre. I read somewhere that phoenicia is one of the few mythics that profits from a gold medal. But in truth, the company cannot give all day/every day players the means to dominate the game purely as a consequence of medalling. That would impact player numbers in wars significantly. And yes you’re right; medals should do something however insignificant.


Quoted for truth.

Exactly. It can, and should, remain a very insignificant boost.

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Disagree. In light of the amount of time and souls it takes to medal a troop, it SHOULD give a significant boost.


Sure, but that would be a completely different topic/thread. I’m just asking for the only 2 troops that get no benefit from Elite Levels to start getting them. We can discuss the merits of Elite level bonuses in another thread.

Unfortunately the simple truth is that the troop role and medal systems were not designed with precision. This was not an intentional choice they made to cripple certain troops for no apparent reason.


There are no troops which become OP with Medals, but at least 2 troops gain nothing from medalling… Hmm, disbalance detected.

That really depends on your definition of overpowered. If overpowered means it gets more of a benefit from the same stats versus any other troop, then there are plenty of examples…

Phoenicia gains 6 Magic from Medals. She does double damage during Firestorms, which means 6 Magic = 12 additional damage per target for her, and she deals damage to everyone, so that 6 Magic increase is 48 additional damage.

Megavore gains 4 Magic from Medals, but his ability does (Magic*2)+7 Damage – after removing armor. That means 4 Magic is actually 8 additional true damage.

High King Irongut gains 4 Attack and 4 Magic from Medals. However, his ability’s chance to devour is directly tied to his Attack level, which means that 4 extra attack is a 4% increased chance to devour.