Yes, Dwarves! (15 chars)


If they do release the next set of GW troops, you’ll need another 30 deeps for whatever the brown one is. I don’t know if that would be any more of a priority than Honor or Autumnal Imp though…


It would if it were based in a kingdom. I like the Imps and hate the Guardians; for traiting I ignore both groups since they don’t help w increasing kingdom power! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway I’ve got way too many already-existing troops left to trait up to worry about stocking up for future troops!

The good news is that I’m finding some dwarves in Broken Spire, which is where I was farming for Shield traitstones anyway!



I just did some speed-clear Explores in Khaziel while we watched TV the other night, and finished the entire event in a couple hours. Really didn’t seem to be any more time-consuming than anything else.


It took me 189 battles in Khaziel to finish the task. Either you got luckier than I did with dwarves, or your speed clear team is much faster than mine.


Sunbird, Fire Bomb, Fire Bomb, gratuitous Pharos-Ra because why not. Shut off brain; tap abilities while watching TV.


Me too. I have around 1-3 dwarves in Khaziel or none at all. At Adana it’s always 2-3 and sometimes full blown 4! I noticed this because I try to farm Arcane Storm, better do it here than at Dragon’s Claw, those pesky Legandary Dragon…

Strange things I noticed is the Fortress Gate appear so often everywhere, and not even in first slot. It is not part of any events since Merlantis’ Construct Coral golem. I wonder if it’s just coincidence.


I keep meting Gargantaur. Is this normal?


Yes, he just wants attention, which also explains the “murdererous-tantrum” behavior… Troubled child with mommy issues. :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed. And next month’s new mythic will need Arcane Storms as well… might as well start farming now if you wanna aim for him.


Oh, he gets attention. Definitely.


Dwarves can also be found in Broken Spire and Adana quite frequently in my experience. I alternate between these two plus Khaziel for arcanes, and whichever has dwarves i quick explore.


Where can I find the king in explore? Maybe get a king team, and just let him summon…


This only works…
if you can also negate his not-too-shabby double damage as well…


I don’t think he appears in any challenges, but there is a low probability of him being subbed in for a random troop in any explore. I think I saw him once or twice in 100 explores yesterday, though I wasn’t really watching for him…

Has anyone worked out exactly how the substitutions work? @mithran maybe?


What I have discovered is the “random troop” in explore is always something you own.

I know this because I only ever see two mythics in explore (in over a thousand battles), Abynissia and Pharos Ra, and they are the only two I own.


That’s definitely not true. I got my first mythic troop around level 1000 and I can guarantee you that long, long, long before that, I met mythics of all kind in explore.


Weird, I’ve never seen a mythic other than those two (well King Gorgotha as well, but he doesn’t really count) and I do a lot of explore in a lot of different locations.


Hmm. You know, I think we might both be onto something. Thinking about what I’ve seen in explore lately, I agree that I have only seen mythics I own. I spent a lot of time in Blighted Lands and don’t recalling seeing Abynissia even once, despite having seen her there before - that is, before I got any mythics.

Maybe as long as you have no mythics, they’re all free for the game to pick, but as soon as you got some (one?) it’s limited to those? Or maybe it was something that was introduced with a patch or something? I’m not sure. But I’ve spent the whole day, at least six hours or so, in Broken Spire and its mythic (Infernus) is nowhere to be seen. Instead, I get Stonehammer, Aurora, Yasmine’s Chosen… all mythics I own.
But I know that as a somewhat-newbie/midgame-player I had so much trouble in explore in Blighted Lands thanks to Aby messing me over again and again.

Different idea: What difficulty do you play on? I switched from Warlord II to Normal when Firebombs got released. Maybe it’s tied to the difficulty.


Also I’m on console, so that could be a factor.

I mostly play on Warlord II as it seems to be the best bang for buck for souls farming, but when I do the daily tasks (a console thing) I drop it down to normal. I don’t think I see mythics on normal, but I don’t use the difficulty often enough to be sure, nor have I paid enough attention.


I’m on normal and, having paid attention and switched locations to Drifting Sands, I can confirm that on normal difficulty, I only see mythics I own. I’m on PC/Steam.

If you play on Warlord II - which is what I always played at even before I got mythics - it would mean that difficulty affects nothing and that it’s really a case of the game throwing all mythics at you as opponents when you own none and switches to only those you own once you actually do have some.