What about that Dwarves?

These little buggers really hide themselves well in the halls of theirs… rarely seen in their hometown named Khaziel, they sometimes show up in the city of giants called Stormheim or the city of Mechs called Adana. But they are so small that most of the times, other creatures take their places in defending those cities…

OK, let’s talk plain:
There are 11 dwarves which call Khaziel their origin, 2 derive from Stormheim and 1 from Adana. No other dwarves available. Why the hack is no dwarf in Khaziel exploration in 50% of all “look into” and if there is a dwarf, it’s mostly a single one. I haven’t had that issue with e.g. Dragons, Daemons or Orcs. Honestly, their spawn rate in exploration is way too low…

What is your experience?


I got all mine in pvp. If ppl weren’t so tight we could see more.


I havent been seeking them out specifically but i will be tonight


I’ve been doing OK in explore in Khaziel. I haven’t been keeping close track, but I feel like I am usually (maybe 75% of the time +/- 10%) getting at least one dwarf there and often 2 or 3. Occasionally even 4. If I don’t see a dwarf in Khaziel, i quickly check Adana and if I don’t see one there, check my mail to reset and check both again. If I don’t see any, I’ll just clear a quick explore and try again.

I’ve picked up a few in PVP here and there.

So far, I’m around 130 points for the week and don’t expect to have any trouble getting to 200 by Sunday. I’ve had a pretty light week of play so far, with a fast grind to Tier 1 PVP on Monday and pretty much just doing my GW battles plus 10-15 battles in PVP or explore to clear daily tasks every other day. Haven’t played yet today.

This one feels pretty easy to achieve so far.

I put up an easy all-dwarf team for PVP defence, but haven’t been invading a lot so I’m not in the PVP pool much.

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In 2 hours I finished the event. Khaziel and occasionally grosh nak because I was looking for arcane lavas. If there wasn’t any I either loaded up an explore in nak, or quit and looked again. If there’s none in khaziel starting an exploration in another kingdom resets those opponents so I looked back at khaziel when I’d finished my grosh nak battle. Using the Elspeth bombot team obviously.
I’ve also put up an all dwarf defence but mines getting loads of wins.

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I believe what is actually happening is that you’re getting loads of losses from players in casual PVP. For some reason, the game treats casual losses as ranked wins.

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I only played nothing but casual for the first two days and then ranked. It’s totally eeeevilllll to use on offence too.

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@Nordstern my experience matches yours. Really rare sightings in Khaziel, and even more sparse in the dwarves other homes. I finished the first 3 award levels and threw in the towel…

I just hit 400 pvp matches, 340 stones, PS4 player here.its better then doing treasure maps.