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Yes, Dwarves! (15 chars)

Seriously guys. There are TWELVE different dwarves in Kazhiel. How come I find NONE or just one every single explore match?


I’d hide from you too if I knew you were trying to kill me!

Seriously though, bad luck. I’m typically getting 1 with the occasional 0 or 2 and much rarer 3.


The explore matches are, generally speaking, one of the challenge lineups with a random troop replaced by something else (usually a mythic or a weekly kingdom troop). Others might know the substitution formula better than me, but by looking at the 7 challenges in Khaziel, there are 3 that have 1 dwarf, 1 with 2 dwarves and 1 with 3 dwarves (and 2 with zero dwarves). Even if you’re lucky enough to get a dwarf randomly subbed in on one of the non-dwarf slots, you’re still getting 1 or 2 most of the time. Many of those dwarf troops were added to the Kingdom after the challenge lineups were set, so you don’t see them that much in explore.

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This thread has a spreadsheet with the odds of finding a monster type in the top three kingdoms for each monster type:

Dwarves in Khaziel appear with a 1.14 probability. That means if you play “a lot” of battles, you can expect to find about 11 dwarves for every 10 battles.

So “one or none” is the result you should expect the most in Explore. If people had a reason to set their defense teams to be dwarves in PvP that would be a good option, but the devs are complicit with the current setup that encourages people to use the same 2-3 teams or else they lose their PvP ranking. Think about that next time your finger hovers over a button that might send money to the game.

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The event this week is for explore only, so defense teams are no help. To max out this event, you just have to power through about 175-200 Khaziel explores. Depending on the speed of your explore team, retreating when you get zero dwarves might speed it up a little bit. I did 110 or so explore battles this morning and currently have 127 event gems.


It took me something like two and a half hours of Exploring. It’s a good opportunity to get some extra Arcanes for Troglodyte which is a pretty decent troop to buff brown teams.

It’s a little harder than last week (I ended up with 1600ish Event Points) but it’s doable.

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FYI: After posting my previous message, I remembered that you can refresh the explore battle options by checking your in-game mail. If you have free scouting, this will be faster than retreating and costs nothing. Hopefully that will help those trying to finish the event.

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I remember the times when I didn’t have free scouting, I didn’t have to check my mail to do that. Actually, my very first post in this forum was about that issue, but it was under the old UI - I am not sure how it is with the new one.
To quote myself from September:

Before, I could just click on Explore, buy the Scout, see what enemies I got and if I didn’t like them I could just click out of the battle window and start this again to get a new batch. This isn’t working anymore now, the enemy setup is saved until I fight another battle elsewhere, at which point it refreshes.

So yes, if you don’t have autoscout, buying the scout and returning either to the worldmap or the kingdom screen (where you select explore) might solve your issue already, which is much faster than checking mail. Unless the new UI stole that system and you have to suffer like us auto-scout-people do.

I just use a gold key to refresh the opposition

I don’t know if anyone else is doing this but this was my solution to the frustration we’re all feeling about this week’s event.

I always look in Khaziel first. If there are no dwarves in the line up then I leave and check other kingdoms. I’ve only found that the others will only have one dwarf in the team but at least it’s better than none. I’ve found that Whitehelm, Ghulvania and Khetar have helped out.

Still, I’ve done enough explores to earn my seals needed to get to 1500 (not including what I earned climbing the tiers) and because I’m jumping around I’ve only gotten one celestial traitstone with no arcanes.

Frustrating event to say the least.

Edit : And I still have 80 more snotfrags to collect to complete it. :crazy_face:

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I just start an explore battle in khaziel, no dwarves, retreat and try again. More often than not I had dwarves to battle. An easy and pretty quick event to do this week.

Stormheim has been loaded too it seems, I just check around And refresh. But seriously, explore only is a drag. If it was pvp I’d be done Already.

On the PC, just backing out to the world kingdom screen and going back in seems to refresh for me. I don’t need to check mail or do the gold key thing. Haven’t tried on mobile (iOS) yet.

Nope, doesn’t do the trick on iOS.

Weird, I just tried it and it worked for me. Iphone SE with the latest iOS 11.2.2.

Meanwhile under the dark mountains of Khaziel…



I’ve been having equal or better luck with adana than khaziel.


The odds are about equal for those two kingdoms. Both have the same number of dwarves in challenges, but Adana has a slightly flatter distribution. You’re equally likely to get at least one Dwarf with those two Kingdoms but Khaziel has a slight chance of getting 4 in one battle, where the best you can do in Adana is 3.

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That’s about what i’m seeing results-wise.

This for me is what’s frustrating about this week’s event… I don’t need Deep traitstones (or any other single-color Arcane for that matter) since relatively few troops use them. The only 2 I have left to trait up are Autumnal Imp and Honor and neither are a priority for me.

Not only that but the Deep Arcane is supposedly gonna be in the Store next week!

Think I’ll give this event a pass after I complete the first few quickie stages.

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