Xdarkknightx09_NEJ5 looking for guild

Im looking for a guild that can achieve 40k seals every week. As well as completing atleast the level 6 task for each color.

Im level 132
Can contribute this a week on average
1500 seals every week
80+ trophys

Psn: Xdarkknightx09
Invite code: Xdarkknightx09_NEJ5

I’m not being rude here but you’re asking a lot for very little. It takes 12 million plus to finish all the tasks and you’re going to be giving ninety grand? I admire your optimistic attitude. There’s plenty of guilds that need new people and decent gl’s will give you time to maximise your kingdoms first if required too. Good luck!

90k from 25+ people is more then enought to complete level 6 tasks
90k was conservative for a down week. It’ll be closer to 150k most weeks. I didn’t ask for a guild maxing every task to 12.

Ah, sorry for misreading, it was around 3.30 am when I read that as I was up with high bg and needed an injection. Yes, absolutely.
I’ve had quite a few similar players in my guild who’ve gone on to be some of the highest donators.

I hope you can find a guild that will fit this, but it may be a stretch. If a guild is getting to 6/12 on all statues, then they probably are only around 20k seal chest.

40k with a low gold requirement seems hard to find. Best of luck!

Are you still looking?

On a bad week we still come close to that but mostly surpass it, and looking for active members as we have been doing this with just a few :slight_smile: