Xbox server issue (september 15)

I did not put lost sigils in the headline but in the description of problem.

bad to see this happen to a good game lost in pvp tier 3 and 2 delve runs

We’ve done a few fixes regarding the servers. Please restart your game and let us know if the issues persist.

They won’t be around to process/respond until Monday Australian time

but then, while we lose, rewards of chests and more

@Saltypatra thanks!

In regards to support, please be aware that we don’t respond to tickets over the weekend. We will be with you as soon as possible during business hours on Monday.

Would it be possible to extend the event to compensate for the server trouble for those who cannot use up all their sigils in time? I would think that would go over better than tickets about sigils that were unuseable due to such issues.

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I’m not sure if they can push the event further because it can mess up next week’s events and such, but if people can’t spend all sigils by the end of the event then the tickets should inform this and support could offer a full compensation in gems equivalent to the Shop Tiers that were wasted/unused.

Still a good deal for the players because they would keep the Ingots, Troop, Treasures and their gems to use in the next events. That’s seems fair and reasonable to me, just like reworking Wild Plains i must add.