Server issues again

Anyone else struggling to get on?(xbox one)

I was on and now will not stop throwing errors. XB1

Its suffering badly. Lost a few delve runs to it. I keep thinking it fixed itself since I was able to play a match or two between errors…

Yup, just kicked me out right after finishing the boss in the faction event…lost out on 2 sigs…ughh

edit: I got credit for completing the delve but no treasure and no sigs.

I would absolutely not Delve with server errors going.

Cant load the game actually due to error msg. (Xbox)

Same here. Final battle in a delve. Win and server fails before reward is granted/win credited. In sure they’ll move quickly to fix it /sarcasm

Seems to be ok for now here (ps4)

I am not going to risk doing the events with the server problems,considering the gems cost of sigils.

This “awaiting on a fix from Unity” is wearing a bit thin, are they corresponding via pony express?

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Have you tried writing Unity to ask them?

Carrier pigeon, duh!

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Not only on X-box, on Pc/Steam as well.
Had at least 9 error messages until now this weekend. I keep asking myself if the servers they use are strong enough in the weekend.

Come on GOW team get this fixed ASAP .

Stuck in a middle of a Delve with unending server error msgs. :angry::confounded::-1:

I lost a Valraven because of this. At least, I guess I lost it, as I can’t get back on. What is the link to submit a ticket?

Edit: yep, no chest upgrades or sigils

Luckily I never played delve as the server issues often cause problems of this nature and i never risked it.I hope you folks that lost stuff,are given compensation for it…It is the least they can do.

Found the link to submit a ticket, if you lost rewards and sigils like I did.

Servers are still terrible despite sever status as online…Hopefully you can get it sorted soon.

I sent Kafka a message. Hopefully we get some help soon.