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Kicked out of delves

So I was playing delves (lvl 90, guardian) and in the middle of the match I got booted back to the map screen and my only option was to collect rewards after only 3 battles. So I collected, went back in to fight it over again and it was all locked up again! I lost 2 delves back to back and I have no clue what happened or why it did that to me. Now I have 1 delve left for the day but I’m afraid to play it.

It’s the weekend so likely you won’t here anything until they get in the office monday.

@Cyrup can you look into this issue.

@ThreeKidsNoLife your best bet is to file a ticket with support.

Good luck. :+1:

These kind of bugs need to be reported so they get fixed asap.

Thanks for posting.

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Thanks San, and yeah I was just in shock like did I do something??? I didnt press anything! But it was a bad day in general, so that was just icing.