Xbox server issue (september 15)

Please fix i am stuck at the end of a delve battle since 15 minutes i need to push retry button but it doesn’t work


Another thread on this. You lost your delve and likely will not be addressed until they come into the office Monday.

Yeah another thread sorry if that bother you, maybe you prefer i open another nerf thread?

Same here, and it was a Valraven battle. How do I put in a ticket?

Also the french text contain a little lie because its written that “we are currently studying this issue…” but I doubt someone is really doing that on the weekend or 24/24.


the game begins to be impossible, 50% of mana, lost games, no reward from excavation chest

there are no rewards for game hours
the game is no longer fun, it’s frustrating.

Nope, was just letting you know in case you didn’t see.

Sad enough that there ist meanwhile a need to open up server issue posts with different dates. Sorry people. You are offering a professional game and want to earn money with it. But you are nit even able to provide servers that run reliably. Sad! Sad! Sad!

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I’m glad I’m not the only one sitting here hitting the retry button for hours on end. I want my towers that I just finished doing. I want all four of them.

2nd Delve Im robbed today because of these server error! First delve, I waited more than 1 hour, trying to press Retry then I gave up. Of course delve lost. Then server working for a little while so I started another Delve, and here we go again!

If you cant have someone ready for emergency when there is a server problem, then dont release Guild wars or Delves game modes!

IP2, I will tell you something: Stop online video game productions, its just not for you. Stick with offline products.

And also change the words in the message errors because NO, you are not CURRENTLY investigating the issue!


I guess they forgot the first new 3 day delve event would be busy on the weekend. Seems to happen every big weekend.

Was having the same trouble logging in, but at 4pm Central Time, I managed to get in. Makes it kinda tough to trust running in the Class Event…

Yep. It sucks that I upgraded so I could play lots of delves for the faction event and can hardly get through any without an error msg forcing me to restart the game. Lots of my resources down the drain.

Put in a ticket if you lost resources. I linked it in the other thread, the one Ricky posted.

I am still 100% convinced they need to hire 1 intern from either Western Europe or on the East Coast USA.

So I’ll post the idea again for my own amusement.

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I put in a ticket and got a problem solved result. No feedback, and it is not fixed. No resources returned either.

Their server are pure garbage

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I’m having same issue and it’s been all day

Mine us still being processed. Did you state clearly that you lost rewards?