Xbox Achievements

Hi (Xbox) Adventurers,

Unfortunately, there is a delay with the new 6.9 Xbox Achievements going live.
We’re currently in contact with Microsoft to sort this out as quickly as possible and I’ll post here again once they’re live.

Thanks for your patience while we sort this out!


@Kafka can we get an update on this?

More specifically, will the achievements be retroactive for the Elite Tier 5s we did?

This happened in the past if i’m not mistaken and the achievements were rewarded correctly.

Fingers are crossed. Don’t want to have to wait for Helcrag to do it again.

The achievements are available now.

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Achievements are live, and not retroactive, which is not at all surprising for this game. I can only hope that it at least works like the level 200 faction did, where you could just one time level a faction already at 200+ and get the achievement for a power potion, but frankly I can’t think of a single reason the devs deserve the benefit of the doubt for literally anything in this game. Unfortunately I can’t test that right now because it’s locked behind the most blatantly untested and player unfriendly addition to the game in all my time playing, so I’ll have to leave that to someone else.

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I did the 5 epic trials in Vulpacea. Not retroactive, as you know. Did 1 (the first) Khetar Epic Trial just now, Achievement unlocked.

I did Vulpacea 500 last week, didn’t try Khetar because of the 1.000.000 issue which is 1.000.000x worse than the original bug. And did the other achievements too. So I thought at least.

No achievements granted. And I mean NO ACHIEVEMENTS. All of my XB1 achievements have been reset to 0, coming from 99% at GoW and 6 years of other games. XB360 achievements from before are working though.


Myself and a few others are also experiencing this today. All xbox one games show 0 progress with no available achievements. Definitely an Xbox issue.

As for the Gems of War specific achievements, it’s a shame we have to do another Elite Tier for the game server to check for the flag against our progress. But I guess this is how it’s always been for Gems. I needed to do 200+1 for potion achievement.

And of course. I beat another Elite Tier just now (my 6th) and the achievement doesn’t unlock. So close to done with this game.


Managed to force it to pop. Had to exit the game, Guide button, RB to the controller, All Achievements, select Gems of War, move down to Stats to show the stats screen. Then it unlocked. (You will probably need to do an Elite Tier on Khetar, sadly).

So, yet again, you punish those of us that already completed campaign and trial battles (2 weeks worth of the trial shitshows) by making us wait until next week in hopes that they will eventually pop. Awesome!


Not retroactive??? After i done BOTH???

God damn it! Plain stupid.