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(Fixed) 4.2 Xbox Achievements aren't active despite having the update


4.2 Update Xbox Achievements don’t seem to be available.

Its happened in one of the previous updates, but usually its on time with other updates.

Any ETA when it will be available?

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We’re trying to investigate this with our publisher today, however no exact ETA at the moment. We’re asking them to make sure they’re published ASAP though. When it does get published, due to the nature of how Xbox handles their achievements, they should be unlocked pretty quickly without much user input if the criteria has already been met.

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I’m just checking to see how this is going? Has the publisher been able to correct the issue? Are we just waiting on XBox?

its available as of a few hours ago. The Land Down Under is a bit buggy (Unlock 5 factions) but unlocks from a little finesse and persuasion.

This is now the hottest topic in our guild chat. Some people are able to get the achievements, but it’s not showing for others. I have reset the console many times including a hard reset with no result.

Hi everyone, we’re also starting to see the achievements start to appear on our accounts as well. They should be available for everyone across the next day or so I believe as the Microsoft servers propagate the changes.

Two of the three achievements unlocked from opening up the game, but you can try to force the achievements to show up on the list to be unlocked by

Pressing the guide button
All the way left to the profile
My profile
Scroll to Gaming
Select Gems of War

It should show the updated list and let them show up in the achievements when you bring it up via the guide.


This worked! Thank you TIO


Just confirming that this should be resolved now?

Yes, thank you

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