Achievements not unlocking

Hey everyone,

I just had a quick question and was wondering if anyone knew what the deal was. I am current a level 68, almost a 69 and I am missing some achievements that aren’t tracking.

Rabble Rouser, Raid Leader, General and Hordemaster

These are for unlocking 10, 25, 50, 100 unique troops respectively. After counting my troops I have 190+ different unique troops but these have not unlocked. If I go to the Game Hub, it says I currently have 0 troops.

I have deleted and redownloaded the game, deleted save data, clear Xbox cache but nothing seems to be working to get these to unlock.

Any ideas or help appreciated!

Hey @RwHu,

We should hopefully have a fix out for this Soon™! Stats will start updating again the next time you get a new troop.

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Any idea what day an update is gonna come out? Or an estimate?

Please restart your console and you should see the update available now! You can check the Settings Menu to see if you have the update, the version number should be (visible in the top right hand side of the screen).


@GoldPhoenix0 is ninja phoenix!

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Any hidden gems (heh) in this update?

I’ve also updated your ticket letting you know, @RwHu.

Thank you so much, they all unlocked!!

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