[XB1] Weirdest Spawn bug that generated *my* troops on AI side

Recently on the XB1, I played a PvP match against a level 400 opponent “Kickin”, who had as his team build GloomLeaf***/ Knight Coronet***/ Rowanne***/ Hero (War &Peace)*.

My own setup included Knight Coronet*** and Giant Spider**.

Everything was going relatively ok until I lost my top troop Knight Coronet to GloomLeaf’s Thorns skill.

That would have been fine, except that when I next cast Spider, the baby Spider Spawn ended up not on MY side of the board but over on top of the AI’s!

You can see from the controller buttons X, B, A on my side that the “Y” troop was also mine.

And when I pressed and held the RB bridge button, it shows it’s only the three lower remaining troops that belonged to the AI on his side.

Above, I managed to get a shot of the Spawn doing skull matches on the AI side. Casting Giant Spider several times initially did not allow me to fill the top troop slot, although by the fourth cast it finally did put two Spawns above Valkyrie and GiantSpider.

Unfortunately these mislaid troop spawns were too little, too late for me to allow me to win the match.

This was certainly a strange bug. I am quite annoyed to have been bitten by this issue in this way, particularly because it caused me to drop my 519 game winning streak.

I had a similar total win streak on Apple iOS (over 600) but random gameboard resets there have limited me to displaying 358 wins.

Gameplay bugs… Bah HUMBUG… a real bummer this time.

Any idea what caused this? Has anyone else experienced this before, on either console or PC?

I’ve had that happen to me several times running maw, giant spider, valk, kos. I also think every time it happened my maw was killed by thorns as well.

Is that an African XB1 bug, or a European XB1 bug?

Just kidding. I’m actually wondering if the same errant Spawn issue would also show up on PS4.

FYI, little known factoid regarding the Monty Python jest about “African or European swallow?”

The joke’s on us because, as MP was likely well aware, the African swallow and the European (barn) swallow are literally the same bird. That crazy bird flies right from the UK through the scorching desolation of the Sahara desert to spend the winter in South Africa. Totally bonkers, I say!