[XB1] Joshatron looking for an active player (rank #10)

Are you an active player and want to be a part of a top 20 guild? … then come join our fight. JOSHATRON has been climbing through the XBOX ranks to #13 - and is looking for one more individual to help us continue our climb.

We currently have all masteries at 55+ and provide the 220% daily bonus. We hit the 20k guild chest each week.

Our current minimum requirements are:

  • 800 seals / week
  • guild mates below level 225 must contribute 50k / week
  • … over level 224 must contribute 150k / week
    (but of course MORE is always greatly appreciated :smiley: )

If you are interested, please feel free to PM me.

one spot open

We now have additional spots open. Please PM me if you are interested. I will share our Discord URL at that time.

This is a great guild! I’m very happy that I joined.

Couple more spots available … jump in now to continue our climb thru the rankings :sunglasses:

Spots still available

We are now #11 - and a spot remaining.

Add me, I was part of guild before. Not sure why I’m not now. Always did above mins. WURM_YBAT is invite code.

We once again have a few spots available for active players. Plz PM me if interested.

We have another spot available for a daily, active player to help us thru the TOP 10. See minimum req’s above. PM me if interested in joining our fun-luv’n guild. :sunglasses: