[XB1] ⚔ Wanna join a top 10? ... here we are! ⚔

Are you an active player and want to be a part of a top 10 guild? … then come join our fight. JOSHATRON has been climbing through the XBOX ranks to #10 - and is looking for more individuals to help us continue our climb.

We currently have all masteries at 65+ and provide the 240% daily bonus.

Our current minimum requirements are:

  • 1500 seals / week
  • 200k gold / week
    (but of course MORE is always greatly appreciated :grin: )

If you are interested, please feel free to PM me.

We have spots available for active players to join us.

PLANET13_TFUJ is invite code.
Let me know if you have a spot before I leave my current inactive guild.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Planet, we still have room. Let me know when you are ready and I will send invite and discord URL.

Leaving old guild now.
Thank uou

I left the other guild. Thanks again

… going quick - one spot available.

Another spot has opened for an active player.