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[CONSOLE] Joshatron looking for active players (casual guild - rank #13)

Are you an active player and want to be a part of a top 20 guild? … then come join our fight. JOSHATRON has been quickly climbing through the XBOX ranks to #17 - and is looking for two more individuals help us continue our climb.

We currently have all masteries at 38 and provide the 100% daily bonus.
We are a casual guild with the only current requirement being play daily (or near daily) AND contribute gold to guild tasks regularly.

If you are interested, please provide your invite code or feel free to PM me.

two spots still available

We are now rank #16 with 15 right around the corner.

One spot remains to be on a rising guild.

Now #15 - and still looking for one more active player to join us :smiley:

level 276
all kingdoms lvl 10
200k gold per week
1500 seals
3-500 trophies
invite code Blerrg

Rank #15 now on XBOX - come join us through the climb.

We’re looking for another active player to help us through the ranks. Please leave your invite code or PM me. :slight_smile:

Invite code: MINECRAFT200479_VZRV

We have moved up a couple ranks, but now find ourselves looking for another active player to help us keep climbin’. Please come join us. We are looking for individuals that play nearly daily AND contribute gold to the guild.

Just PM me with your invite code (and preferably level w/in GoW) if you are interested.

We have a couple openings. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get into a top 20 guild. PM me with your invite code, weekly activity, and level.

Still two openings awaiting active players and contributors. :sunglasses:

Hello, My invite code is GTA4SALE_6R3N I have Death armor My team is Famine,Famine, Lady Anariel, War I am currently lvl431 and I just left my guild today.