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Joshatron guild looking for casual players

Our laid-back guild - JOSHATRON - is currently recruiting. We are a top 200 guild (with 100% bonus), and hoping to find other casual players that enjoy the game as we do.

No requirements, other than to remain active and willing to contribute resources from time-to-time in order to churn through Guild Tasks so everyone can benefit from the goodies.

Please send me your invite code. Please note you will need to leave your guild prior to the invite.

I’d be interesting in joining, my current guild is pretty much dead and the leader is nowhere to be found, wasting unused mana build coins. I can’t get on my Xbox until later, if you want to friend me for now my GT is LocoOnTheSoco

Hi … GREAT to year from you … I will friend you once I get home … or you may send me your invite at your convenience. I will then send the invite this evening.

I hopped on during lunch break and found your Guild by searching, I’m in! Thanks. (Loco)

Welcome … Glad to have you on-board :smile:

I would also like to check your guild out! Im lvl40 play pretty much every day. My invite code is Taten_61WS

Hello Taten … I have attempted to send an invite, however, it comes back as user does not exist. note: you must leave your guild to be invited. You can also search for JOSHATRON to find the guild. We would be happy to have you :smiley: