Level 25 Player looking for guild


Level 25 player, in a non-active guild on xbox one looking for a more active guild.

Currently fighting with Hero/Luther/Banshee/Valkyrie. Regular 8-wins on arena and have 7k gold and a task requiring a 5k guild donation :slight_smile:

Hi matthunt1984,

Not sure if you have found a new guild yet. I just wanted to extend an invite to Joshatron - currently rank #33 (and climbing), all masteries 29/30, and currently provides the 100% daily bonus.

We are a casual guild, and at this time, all we ask is that you play daily/regularly and contribute to tasks so all can reap the benefits of the in-game goodies.

If you are interested, please leave your invite code or feel free to PM me.

Hi, that sounds great. I’m active for trophies and as I’m levelling my kingdoms still I wont have masses of gold but I’m not stingy either. I can probably be in the 5k-10k range, particularly with the 100% gold bonus.

My invite code is MATT_LNT8 and my xbox gamertag is smileymatt. Apparently I can’t receive an invite code until I leave my current guild so I’d like to try and sync when I leave so I’m not guildless for long.

Are you playing tonight? I need to put the kids to bed - but probably online 8.30pm UK time (just over an hour). Sound good?

I will be home in an hour or two - at which time I can send an invite (-5 GMT) - so it looks like we will sync up about on the same schedule :D. Would be happy to have you join us. I will out again then.

OK that’s good timing. I’m still online so drop me a xbox message to smileymatt when you’re on and I’ll leave my guild so I can receive the invite code

Hi. I wanted to say thanks for the Guild invite, Joshatron is great. Really helped build my deck and I am managaing to donate at least 10k per week normally. This week I also got the 500 gems for Dragon Armor (upgrading from Dwarven), so should be able to donate more too.

Nearly got my second kindgom to level 10 as well.

I wanted to get in touch as I’m travelling this weekend and most of the next week, so I’ll be less active for the next 7 days approximately.
I wanted to let someone know just to try and avoid being booted for dormancy.

Hope you and the rest of the guild are well.