WTF is wrong with Bone Dragon's Frozen Soul trait


I just lost a Guild Wars match because the Frozen Soul 3rd trait on Bone Dragon would freeze me on skull hits to it but Bone Dragon would Incur NO DAMAGE! I must have hit it with skulls over 10 times and not once did it take 1 point of damage. And, no, it did not have barrier.

Probably an obscure bug but a bug nonetheless. Pisses me off like a lot of the other stupid bugs I run into.


Did your attack get debuffed?


Were you entangled?


I’m level 1224 and know how to play. No to both the above questions. Just giving a heads up.


Did you take any screenshots? Might as well make a bug report


Any screenshots??


Bug or not an effect/trait to reduce all damage from Frozen troops would be a great addition to Glacial Peaks… :thinking: