Wrath of the Salty

New Weapon time.

Wrath of the Salty

Mana cost: 24

Mythic Merlantis
Spell: Salty’s Wrath
Debuffs all enemies, do 2 attacks: 1st 10 + magic damage, 2nd 20 + magic damage, disease all enemies, poisons all enemies, and ignite all enemies.
Barrier all allies
Submerge all allies
Give 10 health to all allies
Craft in Soulforge: 10,000,000 souls + 200 gems + 6 Legendary weapons

What do everyone think?


I think I don’t have 10 million souls.

my version

salt weapon
shoot 1 grain of salt at an enemy…enemy gets mad and devours your hero
50 mana cost


You are fixated on Salty, lol, but I love your idea!

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I think this is a silly idea and I assume posted just as a salty-homage-joke. Design: Do everything, deal damage, more of everything. It’s even the same colours as Dawnbringer.

I’d love to see another mythic three colour weapon to forge. Likely it’ll be the dark parallel of Dawnbringer with the other three colours, and I guess the same steps to forge its pieces.

If we must get such a thing, or if scribes here must suggest them, let’s have something imaginative please.

Salty’s Hammer


Mana Cost : 1

Bans your entire team, battle over.




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Jesus knows me well.

My spell would likely ban yourself and your enemy in global!