Duskbringer(15 char..)


We already have Dawnbringer, how about Duskbringer? I thought it would be cool.


I like the idea, but I would propose the following:

  1. It cannot cost 1.3 Million Souls
  2. Instead of Barrier I think it should Bless all Allies, just for a flavor change.

Let it cost 10 million… I would still have plenty of souls…:slight_smile:

I had mentioned a weapon like this a while ago the spell was deal magic +15 and it curses all enemies and instead of gaining magic if there were 13 or more purple gems is was convert all yellow to purple and deal 10 true damage to all yellow troops boosted by gems transformed 3:1

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It’s coming!

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The correct name for this weapon is Nightfall.

My god this thread has been necro’ed, y’all really want Duskbringer don’t you?


tenor (1)


For 0 Orbs of Power. Yes.


Yes these 6 people asked for something over 9 months
So much more important than the 100+ that ask for several common sense fixes over the last 3 years


I wouldn’t mind it costing a million souls like Dawnbringer did at all.

I think cursing all enemies would make more sense than blessing allies, or maybe poison/disease or freeze if curse all is thought to be too strong. It’s supposed to be bringing darkness after all.

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