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I got really excited when I saw the Duskbringer spoiler on Taransworld. I love everything that it does, but do have one concern, that 24 mana cost.

I don’t know if it’s because the good-aligned thing is supposed to be better than the evil-aligned thing, or if I am just underestimating death marks. I find barrier to be much more consistent, because allies aren’t immune to it. Death Mark is just a bit weaker, because enemies can be immune to it via trait, talent, or bless.

This being said, I do have a few possible suggestions. The first of which is to just drop the mana cost down to 20 to match that of Dawnbringer. We know the weapons are effectively sisters/brothers, and that’s why they are so similar.

On the other hand, if we want the weapons to be a bit more different, there are a couple other ideas that myself and chat did think of. For starters, you could make the weapon do true damage, something that would definitely warrant the extra 4 mana cost. Draak steals life from all enemies at a mana cost of 20, but the hero has the increased stats and customizability of being a hero, as well as the death marks on the weapon.

The other option that people suggested was to have Duskbringer do damage to 4 random enemies instead of damage to all enemies. This would help it get around submerge, which Dawnbringer can’t do. Similarly, if that didn’t seem as powerful during testing, it could be changed to splash, light splash, or heavy splash if it’s deemed necessary.

personally, I want the 4 mana reduction down to 20 mana. why would I really want to use Dustbringer at 24 when I could just use Dawnbringer at 20?


I agree and in most cases Dawnbringer with barrier to all troops is just the better option.


Duskbringer in Soulforge. The funniest thing? Mana cost is 25.


Wasn’t it 24 before lol

Death mark just doesn’t suit an aoe weapon at all.

So you can only craft it if you purchase the campaign pass, figures. Yet more money grabbing tactics :+1:

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Everything you need to craft it will be available for free eventually. It will just take a bit longer to get it. In the meantime - shiny!

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It hits hard, but it’s definitely not as powerful as Life And Death. Even if L&D was 5 million souls it’d be a better value than duskbringer. Regardless, I appreciate the devs adding content with existing resources. Next, I’m hoping for another diamonds only mythic like Xanethos.