A weapon suggestion

So an idea occurred to me about a weapon concept:
A prismatic weapon that would not have casting cost. It would just absorb all mana that doesn’t go to troops or all if put in first position (like other prismatic weapons do) filling constantly until cast. And it’s ability would be: deal damage to a target enemy equal to half of the stored mana and empty all mana collected on the weapon.
What do you think everyone? :slight_smile:

That would be an interesting concept, but that alone seems pretty weak and unbalanced. It it has nothing that scales off of magic, lower leveled players will buy it to completely crush with high damage outputs, but higher leveled players will only be dealing 25 (50 mana) - 75 (150 mana) per cast, which is a relatively low amount considering other equivalents in late game.

I would love to see an all color weapon that has a 50+ mana cost that is 1 use per match only. No clue for sure what it would do, but it would do something fun. xD

Damage could be magic + half of the mana (which wouldn’t be a huge increase but ok xD
And here I ment more about playing a standard rotation with banshee, alchemists and the third troop (damn what was the name). Surpluses mana would go to hero weapon while you keep rotating, you’ll get enough mana stored to kill a troop. Do it 4 times and you win :slight_smile:
But you’ll have to control the board good so that the weapon has meaningful impact :slight_smile:

Looks a little advanced, but a good idea at least. :slight_smile:

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Some ideas…?

  1. Deals damage equal to enemy troops’ health & armor randomly split among enemies (read: kill everyone)
  2. Give all allies 20 magic
  3. Steal all [attack/magic] from all enemy troops
  4. Inflict all status effects on all enemy troops

The list could go on!!

Actually inflicting all status effects on all troops for, let’s say 30 mana is a spell that could be cast even mutilpe times. Most of those effects could where off quite fast (except poison) and we have troops that are immune to some or all status effects so its not a bad thing at all.

20 cost give all allies (magic+0) magic to each ally.

marauder weapon that grabs maps would be nice.

And i’d still go with Burning Scythe as it would have eradicated the enemy team by the time i would have collected 50 mana with another weapon. :wink:

outside of arena i would like a weapon that either buffs or nets an extra turn or gives me maps.

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50 mana: Upgrade your endgame traitstone reward by one rank.
Once per game.

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I like the intent, but this would give no minors and a 50% chance of majors. :frowning:

A spell/armor/trait multiplying the chance of runics and arcanes would be fine though.

60 mana: Upgrade your endgame traitstone reward by two ranks.
Once per game.

If you need minors, obviously you use a different team.