Please let Troops use weapons

i was talking to one of my guildmates and he thought it be cool if troops have weapons in battle. Now this is how we thought this could work out, we decide to cast the weapons or troops spell and there be a cool down limit after the weapon be casted. Course you have to match mana for the troops spells and after 2 turns the troops weapon be recharged again, like the first troop on the top in slot one uses the weapon and has to wait 2 turns to be recharged with out having to use mana. And that troop would have to match mana to cast its spell. All troops weapons are fully charged and all troops have no mana at the beginning battle, you choose to use the weapon or match mana on your turn. And if you decide to use the weapon on your turn you wait 2 turns to use it again. Please increase troops armor and heath so this can work having 8 weapons and spells is awesome and more health & armor for all troops to balance it out so we have a great battle each time.

It would turn a 4 troop team into a 7-8 troop team (8 if you don’t use the hero)
It would give too much versatility to teams and there won’t be any reason to compromise.
For example you need a cleanser, you put on a cleanser but that takes a dmg spot except in the case of beetrix (which would need a major nerf IMO). With this you could put on

Sister Superior who cleanse for 6 mana, and give her a doomed weapon which is alone enough to make a team very powerful. It would turn granny into a killing machine with cleansing ability and exchangeable spells.

Or give a weapon to beetrix which takes two other color and creates mana for her, it would be insane!

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