Would the meta had survived a True Shot 100% Orion?

Just a question, I was thinking of this just now. I am not sure myself.

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A lot of deck use Gorgotha / Mercy, so true damage spells would still be the go to team of 90% of the people using true damage teams.
So, current meta would have survived Orion being a 100% true skull damage dealer.

(Edited in conclusion as I’m unsure wich meta you were talking about : trueshot meta or current Maw/Mercy meta)

Probably not. Maw/Mercy he just gets eaten before he can kill the Maw.

If there were an empowered skull generator, to compete with Mercy’s speed at powering up the Maw, then it would change it.

Winter Wolf is a pretty nice counter to Gorgotha, and I’d been wondering how Orion would do. But I think the x4 damage from the hunter’s mark and frozen states are what allow the WW to take out Gorgotha.

Mercy can power skull generators (say Infernal King + Sheggra combo) just the same as she can power Maw (and even faster, considering mana cost). I use such a team all the time against Maws, and it works just fine.

Yes, but Orion in the first position, in my opinion, slows the effectiveness of your skull generator team relying on Infernal King. Or, I’m assuming that Mercy/Skull generators are based around IK.

Sure. But filling both Orion an Infernal King will take just 5 more mana compared to filling a Great Maw, so a Mercy cast which is able to fill a Maw also has a decent chance to fill both Orion and IK, and even if that fails, you still keep the turn, and the enemy Mercy now can’t fill its Maw either, so no harm done.

On the other hand, on occasions when the board is not fit for a Mercy cast, Orion’s true shot can be a great help for killing the maw by careful gem/skull matching (and even more so if it had 100% chance as the title suggests).

I would consider trying such a team myself - if I was the type to scout and use counters. But I prefer to use a catch-all team, and for that including Star Gazer (the well known team) is much better.

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