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This post is inspired from Is the meta at its worst state ever?
I want to run a poll on what would be considered the most popular meta build if ALL of them suddenly returned.

First, a brief intro of all the Meta Evolutions:

  • One-Shot Team Wipe:
    Back in the days when Skull dmg could spill over to the rest of the team, skull spammers like Sheggra or Keeper of Souls were Masters of Terror on the board.

  • To Infinity and Beyond:
    Webspinner’s mana generation used to base on its Magic, which could scale to a ridiculous amount as it endlessly feed itself in infinite loop.

  • The Little Scout that Could (Centaur Scout)
    When the Trait system was first introduced, this little guy was a certifiable menace. He dodges at 50% and ignore Armor on Skull dmg 100%. Combined with a quick skull-gen… well, you get the picture.

  • Nom Nom Nom (Great Maw)
    The initial version of Great Maw had something like 10% or more devour chance on Skull damage on top of its 1 shot spell. And with AI being the love child of RNGesus, the 10% actually felt more like 50% to the player base. :roll_eyes:

  • A Bone (Dragon) to Pick
    When Kingdom bonus was introduced and everyone suddenly find themselves with a ton of extra armor, Bone Dragon rolled in as the King of the Field… at least until the amount of armor he could strip was nerfed.

  • Kerby’s World
    Kerebros + Giant Spider + Forest Guardian. Enough said.

  • Justice League
    EK+Valk+Justice +Mab. This build has been grieving the Console community for a good part of the year now…

  • Dance with the Devil (in the Pale Wisp Light)
    Wisp! Wisp! OMG Wisps!

  • Queen Mab and 3 Goblins Walk into a bar
    The 3 goblins being the Nobend Brothers, Fizzbang, and Queen Gobblepot…

  • The (T)rolling Krakens
    Forest Troll + Krakens (sometimes Mab makes an entrance). This is the latest craze, and quite sickeningly effective too.

So let’s take a vote! Who Wins? Who is the Champion of the Gems of Meta-War? You decide!

  • One-Shot Team Wipe:
  • The Little Scout that Could (Centaur Scout)
  • Nom Nom Nom (Great Maw)
  • A Bone (Dragon) to Pick
  • Kerby’s World
  • Justice League
  • Dance with the Devil (in the Pale Wisp Light)
  • Queen Mab and 3 Goblins Walk into a bar
  • The (T)rolling Krakens

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I really like the goblins and was heartbroken when they butchered fizzy


Hmm, I missed the Webspinner in the entry and the forum won’t let me make the change.
Any idea how this works?


I’m going really old-school here but The Silent One used to be the auto-win card back when GoW was in its infancy. He didn’t have the Silence Himself on the ability so you could effectively create a true lock-down deck. Whom ever got to cast ToS first was the winner. Was thankfully short-lived though.
And Lyya mentioned infinite Webspinner loop when it was a new troop, that was incredibly frustrating.


You may need to cloae the poll first. But i am not sure


Says I need to contact a Modorator for it. Ah well… @Ozball? Could you make the change for me please?
Also if you could please add @Emos’s Silent One too. I didn’t have it up there because that was before my time, so I had no idea of it.


I loved broken Maw. I giggled like a school girl when that skull devour proced. It sort of felt like being in “Dune”.

Of course, I felt nothing but rage when the AI skull devoured me! :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to pick Bone Dragon, after all, I wrote a song about it!

HOWEVER, I would like to unofficially cast votes for WISP and KRAKEN/TROLLS both VERY annoying metas… :rage:

The War of the Meta-Build Poll (Again)

None of the above.

Mana-drain meta was the worst without a doubt. (I joined from the Bone Dragon meta).


No love for Psion/Famine? Really? :rofl:


I went to vote webspinner but the option isn’t there.
Lol, I voted without reading replies.


Err, Ok, I’m going to close this Poll and start another one with new additions then. @Ozball, no need to make the changes now I guess. Sorry for pinging you.


Ya know what would be really funny? If you left the title as is and we kept just posting silly nonsense here to keep the thread alive! That might be a lot of fun lol


Once a poll has gone live you actually can’t add new choices. It’s a little bit of a pain. :frowning:


Webspinner, without a doubt. Everything e,so I’ve been able to fight, but Webspinner was creeping, crawling despair. One player ran a 4x Webspinner defense deck that made me avoid him for ages because I could never beat it. Naturally, I didn’t pull a Webspinner of my own until long after it was nerfed.


EDIT: Wrong thread!