Is the meta at its worst state ever?

Managed to get to 3000 in PvP facing only 2 teams - a grand total of 5 different troops out of nearly 400.

Every battle is Wisp, Wisp, Krystenax, Mab or Forest Troll, Kraken x2, Mab.

The reasons these are used is obvious with the new (albeit crap) algorithm. The AI cannot play these teams badly, as they endlessly loop whilst preventing the opposing team from doing so.

Can we please go back to some sort of strategy being employed?


I think the mana drain meta was worse than this one.
This is probably stronger and harder, however you know from the starting board if you’ll lose most of the time.

With the mana drain it was half an hour of slogging until something gives.

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Instead of adding new troops they should start to remove them :smiley: I would trade a 100 new units for disappearance of Wisp, Psion and Spirit Fox.

Mana drain and empowered mechanics are the cancer of this game, at least for me.


Not really…
if anything, there are at least multiple meta teams instead of just 1 to pick from.
I say let’s un-nerf Bone Dragon too and bring it back as another meta to add to the list!
Anyway, at least the choices are getting diversified …



I agree it’s frustrating. But I don’t think it’s worse than when Maw could devour on a 3 skull match.


How about when Webspinner could endlessly loop?

Or the delightful week of 4x buffed Scale Guards?

I don’t think the meta is at its worst state. As said above, we have multiple viable ways of getting the AI to luck into a win. Beats the pants off just one way, which is used by everyone.


The worst part of it all is that they released the update that was supposed to fix Kraken, but it just made it worse. I just faced 2 Kraken battles, and on one turn a Kraken killed my last troop, then devoured the third troop, then also devoured the second, so it literally took out 3 troops in one turn. I hadn’t seen the double devour until the new update…and now I have seen it multiple times. It is completely out of control.

Of the top of my head, the “metas” that were worse:

  1. Webspinner (ugh ugh)
  2. True Shot (ugh)
  3. Mawrcy
  4. Manticore + BD

No, I believe things are actually a lot better than they have been in the past. Could they be better? Sure. But at least it’s not the same 4 troops in every fight; there are at least a dozen AI-friendly troops to face in the current state of the game.


Let’s not forget about sheggra and her heart!

Let’s bring them all back and make this game a Gems of Meta-War!


:100::100::100: to this

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That’s actually funny to think about. What if the devs brought back all the hated metas for one week? I think the forum would burn in a spectacular flame of “I quit” posts and 85756383 rage-filled threads. :rofl:

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That would make it all worth it lol

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Manticore 1st edition (full mana on start) + BD

I’m not sure if it’s at its worst ever since there have been a few where there was one team that was truly awful, but I’ve taken to calling it the “No Fun Meta” b/c while there’s a decent variety it’s all focused on making the game generally unpleasant for the attacker. Between Wisps, Mana Drainers, & FG/Kerby, it feels like the meta is all about frustrating the player to the point that the leave.


Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:


We are actually seeing more teams in the meta now. In the past we saw less differentiation in the teams faced end game (such as Courage and Bone Dragon, or Justice on console).

We still want to offer more options, so hopefully we see even more teams being used end game in the near future.


The devs should really look at new troops being developed so if it looks like a op troop soulforge it like a mythic so you have to work for it then you feel like it was worth the diamonds to spend.

Um, we develop the new troops ourselves.

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