Worst delve chest?

This is from completing all All seeing eye rooms and having a hoard quality of 10/10 :grin:

That’s actually really good. You want more shards to pull more chests to get troops/treasures.

The stuff you don’t want are Souls/Glory/Gold.

840 Souls was my worst drop, but that’s Chest level 1 after 1 battle. (Quality level 10)


Think I’d rather have ingots over the shards :thinking:

Then you need to play the Delve Event a bit more, I’ve got more Legendary and Mythic Ingots than I know what to do with, but not enough to max everything. I’m always in short supply of Treasures and another faction comes out tomorrow, then another faction comes out once every month.


Lol I played plenty of the delve event, finished in the top 100. I don’t care too much for the delve troops I have them all and will ascend eventually :woman_shrugging:

Boss level 180, lvl 5 chest.

10 shards, and a bunch of souls/gold.

Happened a few times during the event.

How quickly did ingots become the “meh” drop? :rofl:


I love ingots, I upgraded a few nice weapons, looking forward to using them on defense next week.

I even leveled my Dawnbringer to +10, that was fun!

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Sort of instantly from the moment the devs created stupid upgrades… I’ve got enough Mythic Ingots to upgrade Dawnbringer really earlier, but no point on doing it because of the “upgrades” that destroy a single gem… Also Bugs freezing out battles.

Might as well keep these ingots forever and hope that someday they finally decide to weapons upgrades always rewarding to unlock.


I’m only upgrading weapons until I hit the point where another increase makes the weapon worse, certain upgrades are downgrades and definitely need reworking.

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Certain upgrades are nearly useless. Pretty much like the only upgrade the Gnolls received in two years… :neutral_face: