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Chaos Shards need to drop far more often

I am so pissed off with delves now. I really HATE the Legendary of Guardians and before anyone says it, try it with a Bulette lair in the center room before the boss. Go on, lose your silent immunity troop! Don’t even get me started on the one shot wonder of Gargoyle.

What’s the reward for doing all this? Not even 20 shards and this is from a Level 7 chest! Come on! Why make us go through all this hell for not even one chest! How are we going to upgrade treasure hoards if we can’t even open portals for the treasure to put into the hoards!?

Honestly, All-seeing Eye is far easier than Hall of Guardians because All-seeing eye doesn’t have reduction in both Armor and Spells. Just… urgh…


Very shard stingy :frowning:


I agree that the shards drop rate seems really low… up to nine battles to only earn one chest effectively…


There is not even guarantee to get 20 chard in one dvelve run. I got 8 Chaos Shards from a run today, not even a half portal…


Yes, Delve chest should not drop Glories, Souls or Gold. It’s just so underwhelming to have a perfect run but be rewarded with only 1500 Souls and 20 or so Shards.


Agree the rewards are crap for the scaling Hell you have to go through…


It hasn’t even been a week…

I’d settle for more consitent in the amount over just simply more overall.
Getting basically nothing or 100 or so for the same type of chest is dumb.


There is clearly an issue about rewards versus time required for this gamemode.


  • increase the number of shards
  • increase the drop rate of treasures
  • remove gold/soul/glory from the Delve Chest rewards (I doubt about that because of the shiny interface…)
  • reduce the daily Delve ticket to 1 and triple the rewards

But for the moment, I don’t see how I can level up my Hoard efficicently…


If treasures had a reasonable chance of dropping at chests level 7+, that would be interesting. I’d never know, since I think I have seen one chest that wasn’t 4 or 5 in the entire time I’ve been Delving.


they are hoping you will spend lots of gems in event shops

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Isn’t going to happen here. There will be people that will though as usual, each to their own.

Yeah it seems it’s more about the Delve Event… In fact, the patch should have released a Tuesday with certainly the 1st Delve Event. So we would have understood what’s going on…

The Event shop provides treasures, Faction troops, shards, exclusive weapon :thinking:, what we currently need.

I’m looking forward for this Tuesday to get my 12 delve sigils and spend my whole day farming it <- sarsam

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A fixed amount of Shards for each room cleared could work, i think, in Delves with less rooms these amounts could be higher and lower in Delves with too many rooms, always aiming at a total of 40 shards for two portals and maybe three with any extra shards we get from the Delve Chest.
Then it would be up to the player how much time he will spend for a guaranteed basic reward.


I am just a little afraid that a fixed number of shards also means that we will have a potential lower chance of getting high numbers of Shards during a run.


Should have listened, should have made 'em like dungeons with less random factors… nope…

Definitely remove gold/souls/glory, god knows we have enough basic currency


The current Delve system was designed to pay out a certain expectation value of shards, ingots, etc. If the system had gold/souls/glory removed, both the shard and ingot payouts would need to be lowered since you’d be receiving them more often. I’ve said elsewhere in the last few hours (can’t be bothered to recall where) that I am not sure that’s a trade I would want to make. But I’m open to the possibility.

There’s definitely something wrong with the Delves right now. The treasures multiplier seems to get lower on the higher levels. So the harder it gets the less rewards you get. That doesn’t make any sense. I might be wrong about this, but i’m level 1050 and I get my ass whooped at level 70 Delves and the rewards are crap, i barely make a level 3 treasure, which before i managed to make a level 6 treasure.

Like i said, i might be wrong, i haven’t made the math behind this, it’s just how it feels.

And btw, i agree with OP, the Chaos Shards drop rate is really bad, almost doesn’t worth the grind.

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My take on your issue: You got some extra rewards here and there as you increased the Delve Level, but in the long run you shot both of your legs because there is a point, which you already reached, where you’ll face battles too long/hard for potentially the same rewards as anyone still playing the Delve at lower levels, or worse, you’ll earn less because you can be defeated and will miss the chance of upgrading your Delve Chest.

My suggestion: Don’t keep increasing your Delve Level from now on, you don’t have upgrades on your Hoard to provide bonus stats. If possible play the other Delve without increasing its level and you should do fine taking less time and with some luck you’ll gain some shards and treasures to start making better progress. If both Delves are at level 70… Well tough :poop:… you’ll need to endure this for a while until a new Faction appears, and then in this new Delve don’t increase its level.

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I’m not a fan of delves at all.

The chaos shard drop rates are ridiculous. I’ve opened like 10 chests…

I faced someone in pvp that somehow had 2 different hall of guardian troops to mythic.

My highest level is 70. Not in danger of dying ever but it takes so long for each battle (I suck at team composing) due to the inflated stats (double ouch when it’s an event bonus type troop!)

The rewards are so terrible
Got a little renown
A little gold or souls

And I think so far I’ve gotten 4 legendary ingots and 4 mythic.
That’s it since release. I’ve seen others post screenshots of getting that in literally one run or double that!

And I’m getting 5-7 level chests.

Really disappointed.
My rewards I’ve gotten would be appropriate in a mode I could farm at my leisure, not a mode where I have to do 3 a day or lose it. I really wish there was a build up. Maybe where you could store a days worth of delves. Maybe two days. Be a little friendly to people with lives…