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Faction Assault Chest Loot: Nothing But Shards, Gold and Souls

I’m still working on today’s Faction Assault (City of Thieves), but I finished Level 110 and the trend is continuing. In all but one instance, I’ve gotten nothing but some combination of Chaos Shards, Gold and Souls in the final chest (well, that and the Faction Renown thingy). Prior to the Faction Assault, I did my normal, daily 3 delves in City of Thieves (Level 50, Hoard Quality = 10, Hoard Level = 125), and got the same thing for all 3: Chaos Shards, Gold, Shards. In just one chest, I got 6 Mythic and 6 Legendary ingots.

If I’m counting that correctly, that’s 12 out of 13 runs giving no ingots. Yes, I know someone will just say “Random.” But, is anyone else seeing this?

Level 90, chest level 8. Not the first chest with ingots either - I haven’t been paying close attention, but I think at least 2 or 3 chests so far had ingots.

The trick is to not want ingots :joy:


Exactly :rofl:

For any player ingots will eventually be the resource that’s redundant, so any chest without them is the “better” chest in the long run.


Looks like the gods of RNG have relented and pulled me back from the tail of the distribution. Levels 120, 140 and 150 have all given me nice bundles of ingots.

At this point in my GoW career, gold is fairly pointless and souls are nice. But, ingots are my #1 desire from delves.

Thanks for confirming others were getting ingots and it wasn’t some kind of game gremlin.

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