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Wolf Knight bonus damage not applying

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Wolf Knight does bonus 6 damage against wounded opponents.
I damage opponents (eliminate armour and do at least 1 point of damage to health) with either Knight Coronet or Griffon Knight and when I cast Wolf Knight’s Hunt spell only the base damage is being done.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
So far I have only seen this happen in the Forest of Thorns quest line on Warlord 2 difficulty. I don’t know if that’s relevant or not.
edit:- If I have done enough damage to health the bonus damage does apply. It appears to me to be related to the bonus stats for game difficulty. If I have done less damage than the bonus health for game difficulty then the Wolf Knight bonus damage is not applied.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Maybe that target troop had extra buffed Health from other +Life abilities from the rest of the team?
What color was the Health text? I think to be treated as the official “damaged” status, the color of the number text should be displayed as Red.

no other buffed health. health displayed as yellow. on my pc health never displays in red, besides red text in a red heart background would not be very visible

Err… yea, my bad. I meant Yellow.
In that case, then yes, maybe there is something wrong here.

so far it works fine in ranked pvp … where game difficulty bonuses dont apply, which is why i suspect the bonus stats arent being treated correctly

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confirming this.
tried to play on warlord 1 difficulty.
did 1 poison dmg and then shot with wolf knight. did no extra damage.
if i did like 5 dmg to hp (true dmg) and then shoot with wolf knight then extra dmg applies correctly.

tried to do same on normal difficulty. extra dmg applies correctly.
so difficulty level cause this

Not just confirm but adding to?. Was playing new kingdom challenge. It had wolf knight. It did only regular damage not true damage.

still bugged. tested minutes before 2.2 update

Can you send our support team a video of what you are seeing as well as listing the game mode and difficulty. It will help us track it down.