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UI feedback about which troops are "wounded"

It would be helpful if the UI made it clear which troops are “wounded”, for purposes of triggers like Crimson Bat’s Bloodsucking trait or Wolf Knight’s spell.

Originally I thought it was based on the troop’s health (the number itself, not the heart) being colored yellow. But that doesn’t seem to be correct.

I just tried Crimson Bat’s Bloodsucking against a boosted Jarl (+12 life from team bonuses, +3 from Leadership, +4 from 2x Giant Bond, +4 from 2x Huge activations, and then -1 life from taking 20 damage with 19 armor). On my next skull match, Bloodsucking did in fact trigger, even though Jarl’s health was still colored green.

The concept of wounded doesn’t seem to be reflected in the UI anywhere that I can see.

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True. Although it doesnt make much of a difference for Crimson Bat… cause what would you do if you see it isn’t wounded yet? Leave the skulls for the opponent? But it does in fact make a difference for a troop like Wolf Knight. I support this!

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it also makes a difference on one like hydra which does more damage on the more wounded it is (or has been)

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Those bonuses and buffs all increased Max HP, so the 1 point of damage actually wounded Jarl since he was 1 HP from the Max.

The colours on the numbers are relevant to the base values, next to useless nowadays. Remember we had no Bonuses, Traits and no way to buff stats before. The devs haven’t updated that code since launch.

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I 95% agree with this :slight_smile:
Admittedly, this doesn’t come up very often with Crimson Bat in front, but sometimes it can be a great play to leave skulls to bait the AI, since they will deterministically take the skulls. If you see that the skull match will set up a 5-match that you desperately need or prevent the AI from collecting certain mana or firing a nasty spell, leaving the skulls might be the best option.

Ah, so maybe this feature request is more like: “Please update the HP color to be relative to max HP, not the base value.”

Good point! This is probably also relevant to cards that “Heal” troops.
It would be nice if the UI could also show the current “max HP” somewhere, especially since that number can change during battle.

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Might be nice to see health displayed as: XX / Max, so it would be obvious what is injured and how much “healing” can be done.


Both Life and Armor, for symmetry’s sakes :wink:


Is there actually a ‘maximum’ armor in any situation?

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Instead of an ugly current / max number system, I would prefer either the heart and shield symbols to decay from the top down, or have an outline around the heart and shield symbols that decays as points are lost :wink:



Number colours

Green mean you are higher then normal stats

White is normal stats

Yellow mean you are lower then normal stats

dryad increases max, so you can be wounded and green… it would be nice to be able to tell this some how on the card.

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Wait, yellow doesn’t mean wounded?

I am so confused.

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it just means below un-modified troop origianal value. it is wounded below normal but if a troop has had its max hp raised, it could be wounded and green :slight_smile: WhEE! arnt numbers fun!


@kzintiwife is 100% accurate on this

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was thinking about this - during the game, you can see the current, what if when you click on the card to pull up the spell, the middle option shows current max values… that would allow you to look if you want the info without crowding the current battle screen.

@Nimhain :slight_smile: