Wish Gems - Vault Weekend - Random Thoughts

I think a Vault Key Event is imminent. I foresee the Wish Gems giving Gnomes their mana more often than I will like.

Eliminate them quickly before they run away. Why does it seem that they run away more than 30% of the time? I wonder how productive will be the Gnome-A-Paloozas!

I suppose all of my game play will be just boring D1 Explores that weekend.


If you’re not one shot killing gnomes in level 1 explore, you’re doing it wrong.


Like I said, boring.

And some of us are not blessed with multiple copies of that mythic that allows one-shot killing. I need 2 or 3 moves.

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You could use 1x Dust Devil, 2x Sister Superior (or 1x Greed instead if you want a good chunk of gold, since double gold during Gnome-a-palooza), 1x Ironhawk for 20 damage, which kills everything in Wild Plains, except Soul Gnomes.

If you don’t have Ironhawk, there are other incredibly fast teams, for instance Rowanne + Maraji Queen – starts him off with 6 mana, you just need to fill 6 more with something like Leprechaun. One cast kills them all.

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I’ll just use my usual Phoenicia team in D5. Leprechaun lights her up. Then she mows them down. 2 moves if we have enough green to start. Great for Gnome-A-Palooza.


I just like playing D12 with a different team for Nysha token farming. Wish Gems are occasionally causing me a little grief, there.