Wins Needed for Arena Offers

Although I’m a long-term player, I’m new to daily Arena runs. The mode is usually pretty dull for me, but I’ve recently been begrudgingly accepting that it’s now a necessity to level/power kingdoms quickly. So please excuse the very noobish question :sweat_smile:

Today I did an Arena run and won 5 times. I was not expecting to receive a gem offer because I was under the assumption those only triggered after 6 wins. However, I got an offer.

How many Arena wins are needed in a run if I only care about the gem offer? Can I just quit after said amount of wins?

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5 wins are needed for an Arena offer. 6 wins will give you a 10% discount on that offer.


Oooh thank you so much!


On a slightly different topic, is there a way I can force the game to give me less offers including medals and jewels outside of upgrading all troops to Gold Elite?


In fact, even having your troops fully medalled in all kingdoms won’t stop medal offers, because that’s currently been coded really poorly to the point where medal offers have nothing to do with actual, current kingdom progression needs (barring the fact that nearly everyone needs medals, and will soon be kingdom blocked by them, if they’re not already: the game thinks of elite levels as additional ascensions; thus, if you are kingdom-blocked by needing 5 elite-bronzes, you’ll get offered the chance to buy more copies of low-rarity cards. Ya know, to ascend them past mythic :joy:)

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I always stop after five because I cannot stomach a single arena match more than absolutely necessary

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You get more gold and trophies for your guild by doing doing the 6th battle.

Don’t care about either :wink:

Well, dang. I hate how much time Arena takes, but I feel like I need to do it because most of my kingdoms are currently blocked by pet walls.

As people have pointed out in this thread, doing the 6tg battle gets you a gen offer discount. Is that worth your time? Not sure, cause I hate Arena too :sweat_smile:

10% discount affect on the most sought after offers:

Offer Gem Cost Discounted Cost Saved
1 pet 50 45 5
30 War coins 100 90 10
3 pets 150 135 15
2 deeds 300 270 30
Imperial deed 500 450 50

Of course, that assumes that the offer you do get is one of those.

EDIT: Left out the warcoins offer since I’ve never seen them so I don’t really know the cost.
Thanks for warcoin offer info @Madd_Hurricane

Basically, what it comes down to: Is possibly saving 5-50 gems worth 1 additional battle (however long that takes)?


The War Coins offer that can appear in Arena is 30 War Coins for 100 Gems (or 90 Gems with 10% discount).

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Anyone who goes for 6 wins to get a discount doesn’t value their time enough :wink: mine is worth more than 50 gems.

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Or said person can win that sixth battle in under a minute, just like any other battle the game has on offer, and so is not wasting his or her time any more than he or she would be playing Explore or whatever…