Window to Have Troop Traits Refunded

I would like to request the ability to have a troop’s traits refundable within a set period (24hr?) after traiting. Most notably with the legendary troops and their unique traits the mechanics sound good but may play different then expected or not have the synergy to warrant 16 arcanes. I would like to propose a window to refund traitstones used to allow for experimentation and the flexibility to be wrong. With how much time the grind takes or how much glory the stones cost a mistake can take weeks to recover from. With the patch the refund mechanism already exists it would just need to be modified for the most recent traits only.

The problem with this is people abusing the refund to have 23 hours of higher maxed kingdoms, then refunding before it expires. It is the whole reason why every troop isn’t constantly refundable.

Also, Sirrian said a while back that they would accept refunds upon request on a case-by-case basis. If you really get hit hard with a legend you don’t like, you could send a support ticket and see if they can undo it.

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