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The refund options needs to be a permanent part of the game, on troops and weapons

This would fix an absolutely massive amount of issues with troops and weapons that have traits that wind up being detrimental to certain comps or itself. And I t’s obviously doable with the coding we see implemented for the bandit and such.

Please, please, just implement this option game-wide permanently. It would be one of the best changes you could possibly do at the moment.


If they did this, people would trait troops for an event and by week’s end, just refund it.

A temporary refund period after troop changes makes the most sense to me.

However, refund should include medals too. I think it is for traits only right? Problem in my view is people refunding Bandit to keep it medalled but lose the Stealthy trait. This isn’t otherwise possible.

Not just that, they’d level/trait them to meet kingdom power level requirements, then refund and proceed to the next kingdom.

I believe the real issue is that purchasing the Stealthy trait makes Bandit less useful, all circumstances considered.


Out of curiosity, I refunded Bandit (and then upgraded and refunded it again to make sure that I was not seeing things)…kingdom power level remains intact after the refund - 24/25 troops with three traits. Who would’ve though?

That’s a pretty bad design, in my eyes. If a player chooses to downgrade a troop, said player should forfeit any global benefits upgraded troop brings.
In case of Bandit, Pridelands should revert back to being 14-star (with 23/24 troops at level 20 for 15 stars); then one could level Bandit for 15 stars, but 16 star requirement would stay at 23/25 troops with 3 unlocked traits (instead of current 24/25 even with refunded Bandit).

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I’m not seeing that, the 24/25 troops with 3 traits dropped to 23/25 after the refund, as expected.

But I can confirm that Pridelands stayed at pl15 despite no longer having 24 troops at level 20 when Bandit lost levels.


Here’s how it looks after the refund and before restarting the game:

And this is after the refund and after restarting the game (nothing has changed):

My Bandit is now traitless:

I agree. Not only is it gamebreaking, it’s also against the actual purpose of refunding. The whole point of a refund is if you have remorse for spending resources on a troop that’s just been nerfed by the devs. The whole point a a refund is that you can use the resources in the way you would have if you were informed that the troop would have been directly nerfed in the way that they did.

Refunding (3k?) souls for bandit to go from level 1 to 20 and ignoring the 60k spent on medals seems really counterintuitive. More of an issue for higher rarity troops as well although I doubt gobtruffle will be non-medal worthy just because of its nerf.

I don’t know how to weigh the value of traitstones required against medals required so I’m just going to leave it out of the calculation with a caveat.

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