Gobtruffle and Bandit eligible for refunds

I can’t see any changes made, but the troops can be refunded for traitstones & souls.
Screenshot 2020-12-23 04.48.16

Ok I relaunched and the game downloaded more assets, Gobtruffle is 14 gems, down from 16, and 18 mana, up from 17.

Bandit is 11 mana up from 8.

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Ugh to both changes.

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Sit tight for three minutes for the naughty and nice list to post. :slight_smile:

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Ok ok ok all is forgiven

  • We have fixed an issue where the Familiar Trait and the Backup talent could trigger more than intended.


Even at the cost of nerfing player staples like Jar of Eyes, Skeleton Key, and King Gobtruffle?

The troops that got buffs pale in comparison to these losses, as far as I’m concerned.

Player staples will change. No big deal. JoE and Gobtruffle are minor nerfs. Skeleton key is a huge nerf but plunder & peril is an easy replacement.

The buffs look great. Borealis looks like a great troop, for 1st slot now. Shadow dragon from 2:1 to 3x boost is great buff.
The buffs to the mythics are minor in some cases but might make them playable if you get them as a new player.

If my Bandit is fully medaled and I want to refund, do I get my medals and souls used for medalling back?

No, the bandit would stay medaled. The refund gives back only souls used to level it up and traitstones needed for its traits.

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Thank you for quick answer!

I wish we could get medals back.

Not in the case of bandit, sure. But if I could have the 9 Anus back from Gobtruffle? Tempting.

And if ever there was a nerf to a mythic I had medalled, it would be infuriating not to be able to get that time sink back to be used on something more useful.

Hasn’t happened yet, of course.

And I hope it never will.

But I’m afraid of hoping in Gems of War.


Fixed that for ya :joy:


9 Anu medals?


Yes :laughing:

Apostrophes are for making contractions and possessives, not plurals. So it wasn’t in need of fixing, though I don’t mind the wry smile this morning :wink:

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@Saltypatra Are Switch players not going to be able to get these refunds?

We have the changes now but no option to downgraded.

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Experiencing the same. No refunds for Switch players possible at this time. Why?

Our refunds often follow the weekly reset timer, so should be available at weekly reset. I’m confirming this with the team now.

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Got it, thank you for checking @Saltypatra!

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