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Troop nerf =refund. Gem nerf = VIP refund?

So when troops are nerfed you get a refund. As a vip 6 and 5 I’m absolutely furious with the gem nerf and I think there should be a rethink or even refund. I feel angry and completely shafted by these recent decisions.
Adding to the first paragraph… The amount of gems you need to open vip chests takes a lot of saving up. My last mythic cost me 250 vip chests. That’s not counting the other resources I used first. That’s 11,250 gems to get infernus. Now getting that amount again is going to take me so much longer. I feel cheated by these gem nerfs. It’s unjustified and unfair.


VIP in any game is always considered a “bonus” and as such is not applicable to refund.


I do believe some sort of adjustment is due to VIPs since opening VIP chests just became a lot less possible without additional purchases, which flat-out cheapens the purchases that were made to hit VIP 5 in the first place.


I disagree. If you are paying for something and it has changed without consent then compensation should be considered. VIP players have bought into what was advertised/listed for that level of investment, not to be shafted with a nerf when it suits others.


Look I’m not in disagreement that VIPs or well all players got the shaft here on raw gem removal, but by its nature you were spending RL currency for the items in game you wanted not the vip levels themselves.


For the record I’m not VIP, even at a level 1135, I just sympathise with those that are.


I am annoyed with 3.1 but there is no grounds for a refund. The bonuses you get from VIP are still the same: you still get additional gold/souls/exp/daily keys/gems/free scouting and chance to open VIP chests. Maybe a great lawyer could wriggle his way around it but no one is taking GoW to the court.


How is giving away less gems for free some kind of vip nerf? You still get a gem purchase bonus for vip.

I knew you’d disagree

Well, you seem to think there was some implied guarantee that they would give out X free gems to you a week in perpetuity in exchange for your purchases that gave you vip level.

It was great while it lasted, I’ll miss those gems too. Can’t complain since I’ve gotten so many thousands of $$$ in free loot over the years.

If somebody says they’ll give you free DVD’s every week, so you agree to buy a DVD player, and then they said “sorry, no more free DVD’s”, you would feel lied to and ripped off, and have no need for the DVD player.

There might not be “legal grounds” for a refund, but these type of tactics speak volumes about the direction the game is now taking, and is destroying a lot of built up good faith. Hard to trust somebody when they start doing bait’n’switch…


They never said you’d get free Gems at any rate in perpetuity. They have lost a lot of long-standing goodwill over this business-over-player decision, but VIP never explicitly granted you anything more than you still have. I am not a lawyer but I see no legal basis here.

I am, however, profoundly disappointed at the current lack of transparency and the resulting radio silence. Between the Guild Wars hidden formulas and the complete failure to provide up-front specifics about what exactly was getting scaled back, the team feels more disconnected than ever from the community to which it was intended to cater.


This, if I may be so bold, is one reason for the incredible amount of backlash.

For me personally, when I saw the “16-20% less gem value” and “some gems are now gem keys” statements, I assumed “okay, we’ll get a few less gems, but it should still be bearable”. I assume many players felt similarly, especially in light of the new gem sink of “bounty packs” for the Soulforge (350 gems per week).

Losing 76% of gems from the Blue guardian and losing 100% of gems from LTs is not “some”. It’s “most” or “nearly all”.


Agree, this isn’t a legal thing. And while they never explicitly sad “in perpetuity”, I think the changes caught everybody by surprise. Some adjustments and changes would be reasonable and expected. But nothing in their track record made 100% and 75% reductions something on anybodies radar. So we players made decisions based on their history.

Now that we have this new milestone to add to their history, that they are capable of anything (even doing things totally counter to their historic pattern or comments), we’ll be better equipped to make future decisions. Fool me once…


This is a “piss off your long term playerbase” issue with the incredible nerf to gem acquisition. The number of players that have been playing for over a year in the guild has been dwindling as of late and there is already signs that the attrition is going to continue due to the 3.1 changes.

I am sure @Saltypatra will come in and tell us they are listening to us and that they are weighing all the options but based on the feedback she has provided lately she should change her name to Saltypatronizing (this is a joke, while in a serious post I am attempting to end with levity) :slight_smile:


Nobody said or promised anything, and guild tasks have been nerfed at least once before.
Console saw the first task nerf so far in advance we worked our ass off getting tasks done, and every time the patch was delayed…

But all good things come to an end.

you should have been around when they nerfed it from 5000 gems a week to 500 lol


Fair enough. Sounds like it’s my fault for naively trusting them. Lesson learned.

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I think devs are silent because of the rage on the forums. They have to thread lightly and before they address the issues they want to be sure what they want to say.


that make sense.

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