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Some Refunds Incoming

Hi Everyone,

Salty is out of the office today, so I get to make some announcements!
Two refund announcements (for Souls & Traitstones) available until Sep 18th:

#1. Due to a few balance changes (where traits were changed… not a nerf… just a sideways shift really), the following troops are available for refund:

  • Dwarven Miner
  • Crimson Bat
  • Lady Sapphira
  • Twisted Hero
  • Vampire Lord
  • Zombie

#2. Due to a version mixup (caused by the fact that we had a bunch of updates releasing in the last week) Queen Grapplepot went out with some incorrect numbers, so we’re offering her for refund too (she’s still pretty awesome though imho)

  • Queen Grapplepot - she is having her magic reduced by 2, and her boost ratio is going from x4 to x3

They will be available shortly




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I’m FIRST weee…

cough cough.

Where can we find about the trait changes for Crimson Bat?

Almost First… again… :sob:

This would be the change of Cursed to Undying.

These troops refunds are related to the changes they received in the 3.1 update.

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Dammit… sniped by Nim while I went to find the link <_<

Also does this mean the refund button will show up now? It seemed to be missing post 3.1. (Or were the refunds not set correctly, and that’s what this post is addressing?)


New avatar!

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I really love Yasmine’s Chosen’s art


It is awesome… I just need more arcanes to finish traiting her so I can use her in battle :frowning:

Hopefully we’ll see more like her in the future!

I’d like to know the answer to this too. @Saltypatra was looking into it for me, but I haven’t heard anything since. I haven’t been able to find the refund button, including right now (I tried restarting game after your post to check if something changed), so not sure how to act on this?

I’ve let the team know and I am waiting on a response.


Thanks @Saltypatra , but you were supposed to be off today (sorry if I summoned you :flushed:)

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@beanie42 Is okay, happy to help where I can. :slight_smile:


U didn’t help me tho did ya


You’re like… supergirl :rolling_eyes:

I love @beanie42. My secret has been revealed.


@Saltypatra I just want my account back that’s all

Dude…shes off…i complain about stuff too. But if shes off…shes off

Well there’s other people that aren’t off and I’ve waited weeks for this but it hasn’t been sorted