Troop Refund Question

Does troop refund mean you lose the troop? I thought maybe that would be the case since you’re getting all your souls and traitstones back.

It means that you will be refunded the traits and souls used to upgrade the troop, then it will be reverted back to level 1, but you will not loose the troop.

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I haven’t tried it, but I don’t see why you would lose the troop, since you didn’t pay souls or traitstones to get it. I imagine it would just go back to level one with no traits, but would keep any ascension bonuses.

Ok, thanks all. I guess the logic there is that you might not have leveled up a troop and unlocked traits if you knew the traits would have been weaker. That makes sense.

However, since I’m trying to get more stars on my kingdoms, I won’t be doing it.