Will there really be useful updates and innovations?

Good morning everyone! I’ve asked three questions the first is why no in-game auction game resources? After all, this is obviously a necessary and useful thing for three reasons. 1. Veterans will be able to sell mythical and other cards for diamonds and gold thereby earning income and not just spray them. 2. A beginner will be able to buy the right card and not wait for the blessings of randomness accumulated the need to buy online or buy it for real. 3. The obvious profit developers. The second question I propose to introduce the game of runes which can improve card. For example to change the color of the transformation at a giant spider with purple on a sample. Or change the spell with area of effect damage for pure damage and so on. More info as I see it you can tell if someone is interested first and foremost of course developers. Well and the third question undone when a treasure map and make them useful not only for beginners?

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Protip! If you put the * symbol before a line, it makes a list. You can make a numbered list with numbers like ‘.’. And if you introduce line breaks to your paragraph, it’s easier for people to see your “three things” as “three things”. What I see now is just a really long paragraph where the only sequence of numbers are actually only related to your first point.

But I’ll take one for the team:

  1. Fat chance of any kind of player trading. Dupes are a frustration mechanic in gachas, and frustration keeps you seeking those dopamine hits. If you could trade items, people would spend less.
  2. I like the idea of card enhancement. It also has a lot of monetization potential so that doesn’t seem like a bad request.
  3. People have been asking for a Treasure Hunt rework for years. As soon as the devs figure out how to make money off it I’m sure they’ll do it.

Because it’s a collection game, not a trading game. Players who have been around for a while have so many excess game resources they could easily outfit dozens of new players. It’s a bit hard for the game to make a profit (or even to sustain itself) when everything is available for next to free right at the start.

That would allow you to engineer a team of empowered self-feeders that just keep going until the opponent is dead, never losing their first turn.

Never. Maps actually grant a pretty good pile of resources, you just have to invest a fair amount of time to get them. I’m sure players would love the opportunity to instantly turn in the 10k+ maps they’ve stockpiled, even for a very minor fraction of the resources they’d get for playing them, it would still wreck the game economy though.